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No. semen has to get into the vagina to get her pregnant.


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Only males have a penis. Therefore it is not possible to "stroke a womans penis".

Unless protein shakes really turn you on, protein shakes will have no effect on your penis.

Stroke it ever so softly and turn him on. He will get horny.

You take the shaft of the penis in your hand, and stroke it furiously.

Not permanently, just if you get a erection.

get your whole hand except for your thumb and stroke like a pony (:

If You are a boy, you can stroke your penis, if your a girl, you can slowly rub your clitoris,

You cannot 'break' your penis. It is simply tissue. It can be ruptured or torn but not fractured.

Yes. When the penis is inserted into the vagina, the foreskin tends to slide back off the penis head, allowing the head of the penis to rub against the wall of the vagina during the in-stroke of penetration. On the out-stroke, the foreskin slides back over the head, further stimulating the nerves of the foreskin, frenulum, and penis head. During maximal penetration, the entire penis, including the foreskin, is inside the vagina.

Stroke the penis while hard up and down consistently and quickly.

might have been panty hose with stabilizer in it to make the chlorine last longer

stroke you man's penis until he is about to ejaculate until he is about to orgasm then very slowly stroke his penis.doing this will make him ejaculate even better

why does your penis go red when you are aroused? simply because the blood is rushing to your penis

Simply sucking it does not.

Simply put, the penis is a vessel to transport semen into the vagina for the purpose of impregnation. Thus, a baby will be born.

First pull the foreskin back get your thumb and stroke the top he will then have a sex like feeling

No, this is an incestuous practice and it should not be done on a mother-to-son basis.

Just stroke his penis and give him head or brain and when on his dick move around

You would wrap your hand around the base of his penis and stroke it up and down.

By simply rubbing your penis, in other words, masturbate.

i honestly have completely no idea what so everAnswerNot if the cum goes through the panties, but if it soaks through the panties and goes in your vagina then yeah i think you would get pregnantAnswerSlim chance, but possible. No reason to freak out and stress.

I don't know, but my wife once had sex with a guy who had an 11" penis. She was not able to take him all in because it was to big and hurt her, but if he was careful and didn't stroke to deep, it was a mind blowing experience for her.

"Penis enlargement" simply doesn't work. There is no magic pill or food that will make your penis grow. You'll just have to rely on natural growth as you grow up.

Do some stroking of the clitoris with your erect penis for some minutes to allow the vagina start to wimper then gently insert the penis softly caressing the closer parts of the vagina then give it a hard stroke in. She will hush then feel your penis.

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