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If he won't talk about it in person, then evidently he is very hurt over something that has happened.It could of been something you had said to him or maybe something you have done. Either way, whatever the situation, he should be big enough to talk about it in person. Usually this is just a sign of emotion. He's evidently just really hurt over something. Also, there's always a possibility he could be too embarrassed to talk to you in person about the problem. So try asking him to talk to you about the situation over the computer and if he still won't talk, my advice is to give it up, he's not worth it.If he doesn't eventually come around, it's not meant to be.So,remember that there's always plenty of other guys.

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Does computer need to be connected to router?

A computer needs to be connected in a router insist of giving it an automatic IP address

What is the present tense of insist?


What does the New Atheists insist that?

Insist what? New Atheists insist everything other Atheists insist. The Denial of the claim there is a God by Theistic religions.

What is an antonym for insist?

An antonym of "insist" is abandon.

Why did all leaders insist that Germany pay reparations for the war?

Because it was mainly all Germany's fault that the whole war started.

What is the past tense of insist?

Insisted is the past tense of insist.

What is the past participle of insist?

Insisted is the past participle of insist.

What is a sentence for insist?

They insisted their friend to go with them. It is an example of sentence using insist.

I dumped my girlfriend when she started flirting with my mate but they both insist that they are just mates I still love her but she has no interest in me after I dumped her Should I move on?

She has said she has no interest in you, move on.

Is it is a sentence using the word insist?

yes ex:I insist you take english again

What is the difference between insist and persist?

I insist that you do your homework. (Insist means 'I require') while If you persist in failing to submit your homework you will be thrown out of school. (Persist means 'keep on')

What healthy foods can I eat at my computer while playing my free solitaire games online?

I would suggest addressing your problem with on line solitaire games but if you insist on eating at the computer try fresh fruit or vegetables. These are healthy alternatives.

What is a preposition for insist?

It is on

What is a corresponding noun for insist?

The noun forms or the verb to insist are insister, insistence, and the gerund, insisting.

What word is the same as to insist?

Claim, assert, demand, or hold. Those words mean insist.

Can a father make their child visit if they have something on like a friends party or school event just because its his week-end?

Yes, due to custody laws the father can insist the child come and visit, but, it is selfish of the father to insist when the child has an invitation to a party or school event. Instead of arguing it would be better to see if the father could come to see the child at least at the school event which makes him feel like he has an option.

Do vampires insist?

If you mean exist, no. They are fictional beings in many different stories. If you mean insist, then some "certain" vampires very much insist on ruining the rest vampires for the rest of us.

Who can build my gaming computer i have all the parts but i need someone to build it?

If you have the basic know-how, you can assemble it yourself. If not, there are tons of tutorials online. However, if you insist on having someone assemble it for you, you can go to a local computer store and they'll charge you a fee accordingly.

What rhymes with desist?


Are insist and resist synonyms?


What rhymes with consists?


What rhymes with insist?


Is insist a verb?


How do you remove a rear axle in a 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle?

Your best bet is to have someone do it for you. But if you insist then I insist that you buy a Haynes manual.

How do you use the word insist in a sentence?

We must insist on strict compliance with the rules and the tools we already have in place. If I took that advice, and did not insist on disarmament, yes, there would be no war. The sort of thinkers who emphasize the ' I-Thou ' kind of thing also insist on the importance of language. As far as can be expressed in words, it reflects Truth, insisting on the unity of the cosmic process. Ethnic Albanians from across the political spectrum in Kosovo still insist on independence.

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