If a guy broke up with you 9 days after you started dated for no apparent reason why would he insist on arguing about it on the computer rather than in person?

If he won't talk about it in person, then evidently he is very hurt over something that has happened.It could of been something you had said to him or maybe something you have done. Either way, whatever the situation, he should be big enough to talk about it in person. Usually this is just a sign of emotion. He's evidently just really hurt over something. Also, there's always a possibility he could be too embarrassed to talk to you in person about the problem. So try asking him to talk to you about the situation over the computer and if he still won't talk, my advice is to give it up, he's not worth it.If he doesn't eventually come around, it's not meant to be.So,remember that there's always plenty of other guys.