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If a guy say i love you does he really mean it?

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if he really loves you he would not lie to you..

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What do it mean when a guy say i love you to soon?

he might not really love you, he might just want to get in with you.

If you are pregnant by a guy and he say he love you and he does try to go to the doctor appoint ments with you does that mean he really care for you?

Yes it does

Did he really mean it when he say ' Love You'?

Probably not..... If you have only just met the guy... No If its in the middle of having sex ..... No

What should you say when a guy says i love you?

I love you too. That is, if you mean it.

How do you know a guy really love you?


What does it mean if a guy say come here?

that there in love with you

How do i deal harassing guy who says i love him when i already said i don't love you and i will not love you?

Try talking to him straight up. Let him know that you really mean what you say about not loving him.

Do your parents control who you date?

Not really, i mean, they can say they disapprove of the girl/guy, but love is your choice, and its in YOUR heart. They cant decide who you lovee.

How do you know if a guy really love you?

One way you can tell if they love you is buy looking into their eyes as that is a good indicator also guys never say the L word unless they mean it. If a guy asks you out on a date it means he has feelings for you but does not necessarily mean he loves you.

What if you tell a guy you love them but you don't really mean it?

then why are u telling them if you don't mean it you should only say that kinda stuff if u really mean it well that Wat think answer my question. what if you ask a guy "would you get mad if were bout to have sex and i back down would you get mad and they say yes!" is he rite by getting ma?

What do you say to a guy you love?

well if you really love the guy just tell him how you feel because if you dont you will always wonder why you didn't tell him how you feel

When you tel guy you love him and he tel you he care about you what he mean?

he might not be ready to say he loves you back right there. But that doesnt mean he wont say i love you in the future. (:

How do you say i need you love?

I dont understand the "need you love". Did you really mean "I need YOUR love?"

I'm in love with a guy really older than you what should you do?

Well,this is a tough one.If you really love him,you'll know.If you like the way he looks,that's not love-it's just the way he looks.but if he's really a good guy,i say go for it!

Your boyfriend and you were for 3 years but he keep saying he love you but he is not in love with mewhat does this meanhe treat you like he lve you?

yes,but heres my advice to him don't say i love you if you don't mean it and to you it depends if you really like the guy don't let the guy hurt you is not him hurting you is yourself.

Is it okay for a guy to say I love you to a guy friend?

You can just say it as I love you as a friend.

What do you say when a guy says I love you?

If You Like Him Back, TELL HIM!!!!! If you don't say something like Look at that time!!!! Gotta go! If he calls you tell him you really Really like him( if you do)But say it in a way that tells him you dont LOVE him. If he does the brake up Then he's not worth it!!!!! If a Guy REALLY loves you, he would understand that you don't love him back. -Miss Truth

How do you know that guy love us?

check his pant, if you know what I mean!. Say 'I love you' to him and see if he replies.

What does it mean when a guy says love is overrated like your bf says that to you what does it mean and is it a good thing or bad thing?

Is means too much, not real. Its a bad thing when they say it. Im a guy and I really dont think so

What do you say when a guy says''I love you''?

Say I love you too, if that's true, or ask "You really mean it?" If you need to ask such a question then you are too young to say anything other than, 'I am too young.' If you don't feel the same way, don't say it back. It doesn't mean you're too young. Just because every guy comes along and says "I love you", that doesn't mean he actually means it. Guys will say anything and do anything to get in your panties. Don't be naive.

You really love him but you dont want to say it what to do?

If you haven't told him that he is cute, say that. I'm a guy and guys eventually catch on.

How do you say hi to a guy you really love a lot?

go near him and count to 10 in your head and then when he looks at you then say hi

What should you do when your are thirteen and you think you are in love at first sight?

It may be love or it may not be but you definitely like the guy. He won't be your first or your last but get to really know him first before you say you love the guy.

What does it mean when a guy constantly says do you love him?

Or he is extremely insecure or he just likes to hear you say "yes, I love you"

When a guy says you are sweet what does that really mean?

Well if a guy your sweet for what you did some guys just like you and say that.