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It is possible. It is however more likely that he is trying to lighten up th emood so as not to feel too bad himself. It is also possible that he doesn't want to see you unhappy.

2006-08-26 02:08:46
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Why do fish laugh?

They don't laugh, they might look like they laugh.

If a guy makes you laugh a lot does he like you?

he could just like your laugh. but mostly, yes he might like you

What do you do when you are really shy and the guy you like keeps tring to start a conversation except you don't know what to say and he tries to make you laugh a lot?

Well then laugh, and agree. It will come around. Try to imagine talking to him the night before. It might help.

How do I impress my girlfriend?

Alls you gots to do is make her laugh, and after a number of days after making her laugh ask her out and she might just say YES, girls love to laugh and smile (accept for goths).

Why are People Trying To Make Me Laugh?

They might think you're depressed, but a lot of people just like making people laugh.

What if they laugh when you walk by?

it means your fly might be un-done it means your fly might be un-done

Why do people cry when they laugh?

people cray when they laugh because they are so happy they just have to cry. Or. That person might be crying because of laughter because they might actually be sad. :( but I hope it is because of happiness!

Does a guy like you if he always make laugh?

NO. He's a wee bit crazy...that's all.if he tries to make you laugh then he might like you

What does it mean when a boy says he likes your laugh?

If you're laughing and a boy says "I like you're laugh" or something like that, then he might like you. I know from experience. I have been told this before, and afterwards found other signs that this boy likes me. So this is a clue to telling you he likes you.

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Not really nessacary, however in might cause complications later.

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Why shouldn't you ask him out when he is with his friends?

most girls think it is scary and embarrassing sometimes his friends might laugh because they are jerks but if you know his friends won't laugh then DO IT!

Does everyone laugh and smile?

Who doesn't! I like to smile when ever I'm happy and laughing to make me feel good about my self I might even laugh so hard

Do you get your period when your hymen breaks?

No, you might bleed when it tears but it's not your period.

Will a guy make a funny face just to make you laugh if he likes you?

Every guy is different, some might and some might not.

How do you no if she is flirting with you?

Well she might laugh at you when you say something funny... She tries to sit closer to you... She might sometimes glance over at you or stare at you... She might try to crack jokes or make you laugh... She might sometimes batt her eyes... She sometimes might have her hand bump yours and she might say sorry and smile... When you say do you like me she might blush and say no... All of these that special someone might be trying to get you to like her... Just watch her and she if she does any of these things.

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What are short breaks in the travel and tourism terms?

Short breaks are holidays that are not your typical length of one of two weeks. They usually indicate a short stay of around 2-5 days in a location. Sometimes these might be city breaks or breaks in the country.

If a girl keeps looking and if near me she will laugh at my jokes. Could she like me?

she might like you it depends somethings are just funny to girls and sometimes they laugh cause they like you

If a guy tries to make you laugh all the time does that mean that he likes you?

Do you know what that means? That he enjoys making you laugh. Most likely you have a heartfelt laugh. Wonderful! But don't read too much into this. Maybe you have a hearty laugh, maybe he feels that telling a joke is his strong point. If I were you I would ask him whether he enjoys making you laugh? If he agrees that he does, ask him why? This might be more revealing.

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tell her how much you love her. then send her flowers, candy, and other things she might like. she might like a heart shaped locket with a picture of you and her!

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