If a guy was messing with stuff down there before sex but says he did not take off the condom yet begs you to pee afterwards did he take it off?

Whether he took it off or what, the chances are you could still be pregnant. Many people belive that after a guy cums inside or near a female's vagina, if the female pees, it stops them from getting pregnant. The chances are this guy knows something has gone wrong because of his getting you to pee. This is not a true myth so do a home pregnancy test just to make sure. Consider using another form of contraception or changing your sexual partner to someone who would always be honest with you.

Ok, I've been in this situation before except mine went like this...me and this guy were about to mess around so he put on a condom and then we moved to a different room to start intercourse. We had sex and then after we had sex, he told me he took off the condom before we started intercourse..I don't know how old you are, but it sounds like you are young. Anyway, in my opinion I think he did take off the condom because all guys say it feels better, and he told you to pee thinking that all the sperm would be washed away. So hunnie sorry to say, but you may be pregnant and if you really want to find out, then take a home pregnancy test, but keep in mind they're not always right!