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If a headlight light went out on a Pontiac Sunfire but the bulb is OK which wire or fuse do you check?


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2011-09-12 21:08:31
2011-09-12 21:08:31

ill narrow it down unless its a newer car and i mean like 98 up there is only 1 fuse for the headlight so it will not be a fuse .some cars have a ground wire that goes from the negative batt cable to the car body if this wire is broken that could happen .on the newer cars i have heard they are switching the fuses to one light each so i reckon if you was to replace a fuse it would be the one labeled to the headlight that don't work .this fuse box if it has separate fuses for each light would be under the hood of the car


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I have an 01 Pontiac sunfire and I have noticed that the check gages light comes on when the gas is low. I have never seen any other indicator come on for low fuel.

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This is strictly a guess. Is one of your headlight burned out? Some cars will indicate which light is burned out.

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If a check engine light is flashing that means an engine cylinder misfire has been detected

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I have a 1995 Pontiac Sunfire . The "check gages " light comes on when my gas tank is on empty. I dont know if this is a right answer but this is how I know I need to fill up at the gasbar .

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