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It depends on the state in which the couple live and when the house was bought. If the married couple reside in a community property state and the home was purchased during the marriage, then the home can probably subjected to creditor action. If they do not live in a CP state and their are no joint debts in default, the house is protected in most cases.

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Q: If a husband and wife lived in a house for 6 years and the house is in her name only and the husband owes debts can the house be taken from the wife?
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cant you sign it over to someone you trust like a wife , husband etc.... so it cant be taken

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Could my home be taken away if i am on mortgage but not house loan and husband dies?

If you are on the mortgage, you are on the house loan. If you mean you are on the deed, but not the mortgage, then there may be an issue. Many states have a homestead or dower right that could protect you. Consult a local attorney for help!

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Can your house be taken if a civil lawsuit is lost?

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When your dad dies who gets his house?

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My husband passed away he owes the mortgage but my name is on the deed and not on the loan but you have been making the mortgage payment can the lender take your property away?

few things i would have to know first ... was the mortgage taken out on the house that you shared ??? did you legally marry him in the USA ??? is the property in the USA ??? if all answers are YES then YES they can ... the house is legally half his by common law ... i take it you never disputed the mortgage... there for you agreed to the loan ... you take on the debt ... if there was a will of intent that named you as a benefactor then you take on ALL of his debts ... you don't say for better or worst just meaning love ...