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Discussing the cost of a kilowatt is nonsensical. If you want to discuss the cost of a unit of electrical energy, Kilowatt-hour makes sense.

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Q: If a kilowatt costs 20 cents what does 0.3 kilowatts cost?
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What is the cost of maintaining a hydroelectric dam?

It costs about 0.7 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity

Why can't i find out the simple answer to the cost per kilowatt?

Because electricity is no sold in kilowatts, it is sold in kilowatt hours.

How much does biomass cost to install?

it cost $100 It costs about 2000$ for every kW of output power....... So if you have a plant that has an output of 5mW of energy it will cost you 10 mio. $

How much does it cost to run a 1000 watt light bulb in 12 hours?

Well lets see, 40 watts for 1 hour is equivalent to 0.04 KWh. Average electric costs is roughly 18 cents per KWh so 0.04KWh would cost 0.72 cents ($0.0072).

How much would 1.38 kilowatts per hour cost?

Find out from your latest bill from your electricity supplier how much you are paying for a kilowatt-hour. Multiply that charge by 1.38, so if the charge is 20 cents then 20 x 1.38 = 27.6 cents.

How much does it cost to run a 100 watt bulb per hour?

That bulb is 100 watts or 0.1 kilowatts so it uses 0.1 kilowatt-hour of energy each hour, which costs about £0.015

How much electricity did a typical 15-year-old refrigerator consume in the 90s?

A typical 15-year-old refrigerator consumed about 1,700 kilowatts of electricity, for an average annual cost of $136 based on a cost of eight cents a kilowatt-hour

How much will it cost to run a 100 watt light bulb for one hour if electricity costs ten cents per kilowatt hour?

Converting 14 watts to kilowatts: 14 watts x (1 kilowatt / 1000 watts) = 0.014 kilowatt. Your energy consumption for one (1) hour is 0.014 kilowatt x 1 hr, this is equal to 0.014 kilowatthour. Cost for energy consumption: 0.014 kilowatthour X (20.52 cents / kilowatthour) : 0.28728 cents only

What is the formula for computing electric consumption cost if we are given the wattage no. of hours of usage and cost per kilowatthour?

First, divide watts by 1000 to get kilowatts: watts / 1000 = kW Then multiply kilowatts by the hours of usage to get kilowatt-hours kW * hours = kWh Finally, multiply kilowatt-hours by the cost per: kWh * (cost per kWh) = cost to operate

How much does it cost to burn a 100W light bulb for 24 h if electric energy costs 0.080 per kilowatt-hour?

Convert the watts to kilowatts, multiply by the time to get the energy (in kWh), then multiply by the rate.

What would be the cost of operating 60 1000watt Metal Halide lamps for 10 hr?

To find out the cost of operating 60 1000watt Metal Halide lamps for 10 hours, you multiply the amount of power (in kilowatts) by time and hours. That will give you kWh (kilowatt hours), then you find out how much your power costs in $/kWh, then divide the kilowatt hours you are using by the cost ($/kWh).

What is the average cost per kilowatt hour for electricity in the San Francisco CA area?

22.8 cents per Kilowatt hour. The national average is about 12 cents.