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He can be if she goes to court and names him in a paternity suit.

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Q: If a man and a woman who are not in a relationship accidentally get pregnant and decide upon adoption but the woman last minute decides to keep the child is the father still responsible for child supp?
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Should you worry about being pregnant?

depends on if you are ready to be responsible for another persons life.. if you are looking at adoption then just be prepared to not get attached.

What should you do when a lady pregnant for one month but she did not want to be pregnant?

She should have been more responsible then. She needs to decide if she's going to have an abortion, keep the child, or give him/her up for adoption.

What happens to teens if they get pregnant?

Well they have options. They could have the baby, give it up for adoption, or have an abortion. People will probably look down on you for being so young and being not responsible and getting pregnant.

What do Mormons do when they get pregnant before they are married?

That depens on their situation, age, relationship with the father, etc. Mormons who get pregnant before they are married have the same options as everyone else, with the exception of abortion. Many Mormon teens who get pregnant put the baby up for adoption. The Church has an adoption agency that most of these teens use. They also have the option of keeping the baby. If they do so, they are typically considered adults in the congregation and no longer attend youth groups, etc. Older Mormons who get pregnant and have a good relationship with the father are encouraged to get married. If they don't have a good relationship with the father, then they can keep the baby or put it up for adoption. Most older (out of high school) women choose to keep the baby. You can check out the "related links" below for the Church's family counseling service and adoption agency. Most Mormon bishops will refer any unwed pregnant women in their congregation to this service.

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Of pregnant teens does 1% give up their babies for adoption.

If you accidentally get pregnant is there a way to kill the sperm cell?

* No

How many teens in America give their baby up for adoption?

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Why do people say that they are not going to have kids and end up having them?

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What is the best thing to do when you're pregnant at a young age?

abortion... Adoption...

What steps are needed for a pregnant teenager in order to place their child up for adoption?

The mother (the teen whatever) would have to locate a local adoption center and see the state/city's process for adoption.

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If you are pregnant can the baby's father make you give it up for adoption when it is born?

you have the ultimate decision, not him

My Friend Is Pregnant But Doesn't Want The Baby What Should She Do?

She should put it up for adoption

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Who is responsible for a pregnant minor in the state of Tennessee?

The minor's parents are still responsible for her.