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I haven't cheated yet. Fantasy is just that...have fun with it!

If you've already done this then you have already broken the marriage vows so why worry now! When you marry you are suppose to remain true to each other. Some people take this extremely seriously, while others make excuses and go about their merry way and worry about the consequences later. My point is, if you want a 3-way or group sex, then why bother getting married?

I doubt a marriage would remain faithful if group sex was involved on a regular basis. Relationships can get complex without this added stress, so, it's like putting more logs on a fire.

This is your choice of course and each to their own.


It really depends on the people involved. Some couples view sex as simply pleasure and go from there. Others expect that you be completely monogamous.

My personal view is that cheating means breaking a rule. Different people play different games, and therefore have different rules. I've known people that were swingers and open communication seems to be a common theme in those relationships.

People do not and cannot stop being attracted to other people just because there is a ring on their left hand. The ring is not magical. Some women equate sex with love and when you have sexual thoughts or feelings towards another, they think you don't love them. I don't know about everyone else, but I surely didn't love everyone I ever had sex with. AND THAT'S OK.

With men, it seems to be more of a territorial issue. Neither is a mature reaction.

The important thing is that you and your partner discuss your fantasies and desires openly and if you decide to go through with it, make sure you each set ground rules about what is and is not acceptable. Have fun!

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Q: If a man and wife have group sex or another type of sexual fantasy played out do they generally stay faithful to their marriage or does this lead to infidelity?
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What counts as infidelity in a marriage?

It all depends on the couple, some people considering kissing cheating, some only sex with another person, its all very dependent, personally. I count kissing as infidelity

Is there a link between narcissism and infidelity?

Both words define the same behavior. Faithful love for another (or others) is fidelity. Self-love, or disloyalty, is infidelity. See also Islamic "infidel". The infidel is described as motivated by love of self versus the community.

What is the meaning of the marriage vows in Catholic Marriage?

The meaning of marriage vows in Catholic Marriage is to love one another. To be faithful to your partner.Sexual Intercourse is meant to be left AFTER marriage. Marriage is for reproducing and to have children. To bring them up as a Catholic and to believe in God.

Does biology cause infidelity in marriages?

Biology causes the temptation that leads to infidelity. Biology does not cause infidelity in marriage. Infidelity is making love or falling in love with someone other than married partner. Mechanism of Infidelity Infidelity results from giving in to attraction for another person whom you are not married. It is important to know that such attraction is biological though giving in is succumbing to your temptation. Anatomy of Marriage Familiarity breeds contempt. Most married relations over period of time become romantically dull. In most relations there never was love other than mutual respect and caring. Even if there was love staying together and sharing responsibilities becomes awfully boring. Sometimes married relations are onerous to the point they are painful. Physiology of Infidelity The torrent of love or passion that strikes the mind when becomes uncontrolled it results in infidelity. Infidelity and Quality of Marriage Infidelity can result even if the couple having loving marriage with good sexual relations. Immorality in Infidelity One may like a mobile phone that one sees, but when that person falls for the temptation and when the person steals it, it is morally wrong. So too, though attraction for person who is not your married partner may be biological (natural) it breaches marriage and is devastating to individual, family and society. Definition of Infidelity I have used the word INFIDELITY to mean amorous loving relationship in which man or woman is in love with someone other than married partner. They may be just emotionally in love as when talking/chatting. It is infidelity even if there is sexual intimacy or just romantic passionate attraction and the relation may be on mobile phone or on Internet without actual physical sex.

Can a marriage work that began with infidelity on the part of both partners?

Yes, but there would be a significantly increased risk that the partners would tend to be suspicious of one another and that would increase the likelihood the marriage would not last "until death do us part".

What is an open marriage?

This is when a couple decides that they can both have sex with another person. This is rare for obvious reasons. A couple may do this because they feel that this will keep their own relationship intact. This is also called "negotiated infidelity"

What to do if found some text messages between him and another woman?

Text messages in themselves are not necessarily a sign of infidelity, unless they discuss plans to leave you and run away together to start a new life in France. Too much suspicion and too much snooping can create problems in an otherwise happy and successful relationship, so be careful what you do. Faithful men, falsely accused of infidelity, will feel deeply offended.

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What books of the Bible tell about being faithful to God and one another?

Every book of the Bible tells about being faithful to God and to one another.

Should you stay married for the kids?

if someone has made a mistake or series of mistakes regarding infidelity, making another mistake by ending the marriage may not be the right answer for the kids or family as a whole. if both spouses are committed to healing and doing the necessary hard work to save the marriage and make individual progress then do not end the relationship.

How do you use faithful in a sentence?

Faithful means staying firmly with your beliefs, or with your significant other. Here are some sentences.They have always been faithful to one another.She remained faithful to her country.The faithful companion stayed with his friend through thick and thin.

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Does a man have to give his wife half of everything if she had a child from another man during the marriage?

Answer The answer to your question could be quite complicated as you stayed in a relationship with a woman who had children with another man during your marriage. The best advice I can offer you is to go and see a Lawyer and find out your rights. Good luck

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Is it bad for you if you marry to another boy and you and your boyfriend have daily sex but he use condom?

The subject of marriage is generally a religious one. As such, most religions condemn infidelity between spouses. In reality however, some people may not view marriage quite so strictly, and as always morality is subjective, there is no simple answer when it comes to right and wrong. Such circumstances should be discussed between those involved in the marriage before a decision is reached though, as doing otherwise may result in a variety of problems further in time. The use of a condom in sex is a good idea regardless of religious or moral standing.

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Stay faithful

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What to do if your ex that you love rejected you now wants you but you are married?

u stay 100% faithful to the one you're married to...cheating is anything that involves another of the opposite sex that makes you think of them in a desirable way. Flirting and thinking about another are 2 of the lowest forms of infidelity. Stay true to your wife. It's guys that cheat that make all us men look bad

Do you have to have an annulment to get remarried in a Catholic church?

Yes. The reason is that marriage, in the Catholic Church, is viewed as an unbreakable bond between a man and a woman. An annulment is not a "Catholic divorce." Rather, it is a pronouncement that says a valid marriage never actually happened, because something was wrong at the time of the sacrament. One or both of the people didn't intend a true Catholic marriage (a faithful, lifelong bond in order to become one and to raise a family), someone was coerced into the marriage either by another person or by the influence of drugs, alcohol, or a psychological condition, or something else was wrong. Annulments usually arise out of something like infidelity, abuse, etc. Something serious. You don't get an annulment just because you and your spouse decide you don't get along. An annulment says the original marriage didn't happen so that you can get married for the first time, again.

Why would a wife forgive her spouse infidelity if she never did anything wrong to their marriage?

One possible reason is to heal the relationship. In order to move past the hurt, you need to forgive them, but not for their sake, for your own. Meanwhile, you still have to decide whether or not to stay in the relationship and if your partner will change their behavior if you do forgive the infidelity. Another possible reason wives forgive infidility is financial security. Often women do not have the career opportunities or the financial resources of their spouses.

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To be honest, I would say that this depends on the person. It is entirely possible for one person to have a long-term boyfriend/partner who they are going to spend the rest of their life with, and for another to have a husband in a marriage that only lasts for a year or so. Although a husband is bound by the vows he made at the marriage ceremony to stay faithful, many don't stick to them, likewise, a boyfriend could be loyal and faithful. So, this would depend entirely on the two people.

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