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Minors are minors and cannot marry unless the court allows this. Minors usually are a ward of the court and put into foster care unless a relative will take the minor in. If the minor is pregnant and wants to marry the father of the baby the courts will often agree to this. Marcy When you emancipate legally from your parents then you no longer have any connection and your parents have no obligation to you. Whomever is looking after you will have to give the consent or a court of law. Marcy No. A minor who has been legally emancipated may marry whoever and whenever they so choose.

(06/13/09) Why would you want to? It is a statistical fact that relationships involving people who co-habitat and/or get married prior to age 24 have an 85% failure rate. Biologically, this is when females reach full mature on the physical, emotional, and hormonal levels. At this point, a woman is fully prepared to have and handle children, as well as a male that is still not fully mature.

Males don't reach full physical and hormonal maturity until age 30. This is also when they reach their peak emotional maturity, but not to the point of being fully independent. Half of the male emotional health comes from a woman. The biochemical frequency range of the male brain adjusts itself to match that of the female, developing an emotional symbiotic relationship.

Couples who begin cohabiting and/or get married prior to age 24 can find themselves drawing away from each other as each reaches full maturity. Their whole view of the world, and each other, changes. This doesn't happen to all couples, but clearly it is a factor in most relationship breakdowns.

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Q: If a minor is emancipated do they still need parental consent to marry?
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Can an emancipated minor marry an adult with parent consent in California?

An emancipated minor is legally an adult and should not require parental consent for anything.

Can you get married at seventeen without parental consent?

A minor must either have parental consent, or be emancipated, or have a court order allowing them to marry.

Can a minor become emancipated in Ohio?

Ohio does not allow a minor to petition the court for emancipation. A minor is automatically emancipated if they marry or join the military, both of which require parental consent.

Would a 16-year-old need to get parental consent to marry so they could become emancipated in Virginia?

Yes. Anyone under the age of 18 is a minor and must have parental consent to marry.

How can a minor get married with out parental consent in Michigan?

By growing up and not be a minor anymore. Or get emancipated.

If you marry at the age of 16 do you still have to be emancipated to move out of their house?

As far as I'm aware, in every state if you legally marry, then you are automatically considered to be an emancipated minor and therefore you can move out without parental consent.

If you are an emancipated minor do you need parental permission to get married?

No, if you are emancipated, you do not need parental permission to marry. But it might be easier just to get their permission, in that marriage emancipates a minor.

Can a legal immigrant marry a minor with parental consent?

Depends on how old the minor is and where you live. If she is old enough to be given parental consent you can.

Can a minor marry an adult with parental consent?

It depends on where you live and how old the minor is.

Can a minor marry in California without parental consent?

No. In CA in order for someone under 18 to marry they must have both parental consent and court approval.

What are the rights of a pregnant minor in Oklahoma?

For the minor herself there is no difference apart from her rights to decide over her pregnancy and child. She has no right to move or marry without parental consent and pregnancy does not make her emancipated.

If you are 16 and have a child can you get married without parental consent in Tennessee?

No. Tennessee does not have waiver rights allowing a pregnant minor or one who has a child to be married without the consent of parents or a legal guardian. Find out what the legal age of consent is in TN and you will have your answer. * The AOC only pertains to when a minor can legally engage in consensual sex. It has no bearing on the marriage laws. A minor who does not live in a state that has laws allowing a pregnant minor to marry without parental consent (Tennessee is one of those states) must have parental or legal guardian consent to marry or must be emancipated by the court.

Can a pregnant minor get married without parental permission if she is pregnant?

A minor- pregnant or not- cannot marry without parental consent.

Is it legal in Idaho to move out when your sixteen?

As a minor you can only move out with parental consent or if you get emancipated by the court.

In Idaho can an adult and a minor get married with parental consent?

Well, only if the minor is 16. They have passed a law now, that any minor must be 16 to marry, even with parental consent.

Okay so im 14 and my boyfriend is 17 6months to 18 we are being married in 1 month can i move in with him right after our wedding without parental consent or what has to be done?

I don't know what state you live in and so far I have not seen one state where you are allowed to marry with parental consent if you are not 15 but you maybe are in 1 month. Without parental consent you can not marry as a minor. If you are married as a minor you will be emancipated so you can live where ever you want.

Can a 16 year old get emancipated without parental consent in Arizona?

Yes, a 16 year old can get emancipated without a parental consent in Arizona. The minor will have to hire their own attorney to file the necessary paperwork with the courts.

If you are 17 in Texas and have enlisted in the military with your parents' consent does that make you emancipated?

Yes, once a minor who is at least the age of seventeen, has received parental permission to enlists in the military or marry and does so, they become "automatically" emancipated.

Can an minor marry an adult with parent consent in California?

Only if the minor has legally been "emancipated" by action of the courts.

What state can you get married in without parental consent in 2008?

If you are still a minor, then you cannot marry without parental consent anywhere in the US, Period.

What is the youngest age a minor can get married without parental consent in indiana?

No one under 18 can marry without parental consent in Indiana.

Can a minor marry a 26 year old in California?

Yes, with parental consent.

Can I move out if I am a minor without parental consent in California?

No, not unless you've been emancipated in some manner such as marriage (which requires parental consent) or court decree (which is RARELY granted).

Can a 15 year old move out with out parental consent in Massachusetts?

No, a 15 year old can not move out without parental consent in Massachusetts. A minor can only move out if they are legally emancipated.

Can a minor under 16 marry an adult without parental consent?

no a minor can not get married in less garedenis with them