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If a minor is unhappy at home can they move out if they have another place to live?


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No. In the US a minor is under the custody of his or her parents until they reach the age of majority for their state of residence. An underage person cannot arbitrarily leave the family home without the consent of their parents who will still remain legally and financially responsible for the minor child until they reach the AOM or a court rules otherwise. It is a misconception that parents do not have legal recourse to have an absentee minor returned to the custody or remanded into the custody of state juvenile authorities. Minors who are in an abusive or neglectful situation should enlist the aid of a trusted adult (teacher, counselor, relative, etc.) to assist them in contacting the state's division of child protective services. Or contact the National Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline, (toll free 24/7) at 1-800-422-4453 or 1-800-252-2873. National Youth Crisis Hotline (toll free) 1-800-448-4463.