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If a minor is unhappy at home can they move out if they have another place to live?

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No. In the US a minor is under the custody of his or her parents until they reach the age of majority for their state of residence. An underage person cannot arbitrarily leave the family home without the consent of their parents who will still remain legally and financially responsible for the minor child until they reach the AOM or a court rules otherwise. It is a misconception that parents do not have legal recourse to have an absentee minor returned to the custody or remanded into the custody of state juvenile authorities. Minors who are in an abusive or neglectful situation should enlist the aid of a trusted adult (teacher, counselor, relative, etc.) to assist them in contacting the state's division of child protective services. Or contact the National Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline, (toll free 24/7) at 1-800-422-4453 or 1-800-252-2873. National Youth Crisis Hotline (toll free) 1-800-448-4463.

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How old does a minor have to be to be left at home alone with another minor child of age 7?


Is it legal to leave minor children home alone overnight?

Technically it is not, because the child is a minor.Another View; The age of the "minor" and the state of residence would have to be known in order to answer.

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What is the legal age a minor can leave home in the state of Indiana?

There is no legal age for a minor to leave home. They can legally leave home when they are no longer a minor. The age of majority in Indiana is 18.

Where do they place children after they have been abused?

in either a foster home with another family or a home with hired caretakers

Is it illegal to have a minor drive you home if you're drunk but they are not?

If the minor has a valid driver's license, they can drive you home.

In Missouri can the police force a 15 year old runaway return home if the minor has a safe place to live?

The parents can request the police to return the runaway to their home.

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Can a home be quit claim deeded to a minor in the state of Michigan?

No. The home could be quit claimed to a trust for the benefit of the minor, but a minor cannot own property.

What is the law in TN on minor drinking in their own home?

Not specifically familiar with TN law, but I can tell you that any other place I'm aware of, the parents or guardians of the drinking minor could be charged with either "Child Neglect" or "Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor."

What are some rules of moving out at 17?

When a minor child moves out of the home, there are some things that must take place. The 17 year old child must be self sufficient, by having full time employment, a place to live, and continuation of school. In some states, however, a minor can not leave the home until the age of 18.

Where does a 17 year old go who refuses to go home?

If the minor is being abused at home they need to go to the police. The CPS will help them with a place to stay. If not abused the police have the right to bring them home.

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Can a 15 year old leave home in to another parents custody?

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Can you give minors alcohol in your home in Canada?

It is against the law for any minor to consume alcohol, but just like any place in Europe or the US, it is not uncommon for minors to consume alcohol at home.

Can a 16-year-old choose to be placed in foster care if they are unhappy at home but not abused?

Without knowing any details...the state will not remove custodial rights from a parent/place a child in foster care just because the child is 'unhappy'. Discuss the situation in detail with your school counselor for advice.

Can a minor with a child leave her home in California without parental consent?

Not without becoming legally emancipated. Otherwise, the minor would be considered a runaway and would be brought home by the police. However, I believe that if you run away more than three times, they have to place you in a temporary care facility.