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A notary is only required to verify the signature of the actual person signing the document for which the notarization is required. Any other names or signatures on the document does not become the notary's responsibility unless the notary is notarizing each and every signature on the document. In that particular case, then all the signatories must be present and must sign the document in the presence of the notary. Most notarized documents are designed to have only one signature for a notary to notarize.

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2013-04-29 19:27:10
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Q: If a notary knowingly stamps a document without verifying signatures or named persons even present does that constitute fraud?
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When verifying identity which is not an acceptable document?

A library card is not acceptable for verifying identity.

When verifying identity is not an acceptable document?

A library card is not acceptable for verifying identity.

Does it constitute a fraudulent act if a notary validates a document when only one signer is present and the other signer has not been personally identified?

The notary could be verifying one of the signers, but there might be some question as to his competence if he verified both. The only responsibility of the notary is to verify that the identification of the person signing matches the name on the document. If he was only verifying one of the signatures, he/she might have been ok. There are some specific requirements regarding the limits and responsibilities of a notary. * Not necessarily. It depends on what the document was and who the signers were. For example if the signers were husband and wife and they resided in a community property state the validation would be legally acceptable.

When verifying identity what is a not acceptable document?

library card

What is an acceptable document for verifying identity?

Library Card

What is not an acceptable document when verifying identity?

Libarary Card

How many signatures are on the original document of the constitution?

There are 38 signatures on the original constitution.

What may or may not be tightly linked to a form or document?

digital signatures Electronic signatures are algorithems approved by NIST and Inedtricably linked to the document

You are a notary in SD can you notarize a document filed in IA?

If you notarize a document in SD, you are verifying the identity of the person signing the document in SD. Where the document gets filed afterward is not the notary's concern.

What is a document or list of signatures that makes a request of a legislative body?


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Well what you can do is scan your signature. But i heard you can do signatures on Adobe Reader. Document - Digital Signature.

Can a notary sign and notarize a document if they have not witnessed the signatures of the signing party's?

Simple answer--NO!

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