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A notary is only required to verify the signature of the actual person signing the document for which the notarization is required. Any other names or signatures on the document does not become the notary's responsibility unless the notary is notarizing each and every signature on the document. In that particular case, then all the signatories must be present and must sign the document in the presence of the notary. Most notarized documents are designed to have only one signature for a notary to notarize.

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Q: If a notary knowingly stamps a document without verifying signatures or named persons even present does that constitute fraud?
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Does it constitute a fraudulent act if a notary validates a document when only one signer is present and the other signer has not been personally identified?

The notary could be verifying one of the signers, but there might be some question as to his competence if he verified both. The only responsibility of the notary is to verify that the identification of the person signing matches the name on the document. If he was only verifying one of the signatures, he/she might have been ok. There are some specific requirements regarding the limits and responsibilities of a notary. * Not necessarily. It depends on what the document was and who the signers were. For example if the signers were husband and wife and they resided in a community property state the validation would be legally acceptable.

How many signatures are on the original document of the constitution?

There are 38 signatures on the original constitution.

You are a notary in SD can you notarize a document filed in IA?

If you notarize a document in SD, you are verifying the identity of the person signing the document in SD. Where the document gets filed afterward is not the notary's concern.

What is a document or list of signatures that makes a request of a legislative body?


How do you put an electronic signature on a document?

Well what you can do is scan your signature. But i heard you can do signatures on Adobe Reader. Document - Digital Signature.

Can a notary sign and notarize a document if they have not witnessed the signatures of the signing party's?

Simple answer--NO!

Is a library card an acceptable document for verifying identity?

Library cards aren't usually an acceptable document for verifying identity. This is because library cards typically only have the user's name (which may only be written on the card), and a library card number; they do not include important, verifiable information, such as a photograph, birthdate, or address.

Is it possible to have a document notarized even it has date discrepancy?

Documents are not notarized. Signatures on documents are.

Is a document legal without the notary stamp?

The question is too broad to give a generalized answer to. As with most things in life, and law, "It Depends." Even notarized signatures can be challenged as to authenticity. Does the document REQUIRE notarized signatures? Some do, and some don't.

When a person forges the signature of another on a document does it constitute perjury?

Fraud would be the charge in court.

Is uttering serious?

Yes, the charge of "uttering" means to KNOWINGLY pass and attempt to cash a false or forged payment document.

In a legal document how many lines of typed material should appear on a page containing signatures?

There is no minimum requirement for the signature page of a legal document

In Indiana do all parties have to be present in order to have a document notarized?

If the Notary is present to witness signatures - ALL the persons actually signing the document must be present.

Can a notary public notarize a family member's document in FL?

In Florida, Notaries Public may not notarize the signatures of themselves, their parents, their siblings, or the signatures of any documents in which they have a vested interest.

Is a mortgage valid if a notary never saw us sign it but just notarized the documents the next day when we gave it to him?

As far as the lender is concerned the mortgage document is legal. If your signatures are on that document, you have assumed responsibility for the mortgage. If you are contesting the validity of the document because of the notary's action, I don't think it will fly unless you want to claim that the signatures are not yours. And you don't want to do that. As long as you have willingly signed, the mortgage document will be good.

Can a notary notarize a document if the signatures are not present?

No. A notary is never to notarize an unsigned document. The primary purpose of a notary public is to verify the identity of the person furnishing the signature. By notarizing an unsigned document you don't know who signed it.

Can a Notary knowingly stamps a document knowing that the person is incoherent?

No. The whole purpose of the notary is to ensure that the person signing the document is competent and knows what they are signing. That is why a notary can not notarize a document unless the signer is in the physical presence of the notary. If a notary affixes his or her stamp to a document, knowing that the person is incoherent and does not understand the document, the notary is guilty of a felony in most states.

Is it illegal to notarize on back page of document in California?

What is contained on the "back page?" Customarily the Notary signs and affixes their seal on the signature page of the document since the signatures are what they are actually witnessing.

Is a legal and binding document have to be signed in person?

No it does not have to be signed in person. Companies often agree in the contract to accept faxed signatures.

Can a notary notarize if only one signature is on the document and 2 or more are needed?

Obviously not if it says it needs 2 signatures.

Can a California notary notarize a document from another state?

Yes. A Notary Public is verifying that you are who you represent yourself to be. You will be asked for photo ID, and likely to sign the document in front of the Notary. The Notarized document only verifies that it was signed by the person it was supposed to go to. It does not validate terms or legality in any other way.

Can an uncle sign a birth certificate?

Only the biological father should sign the birth certificate. By falsifying an official document you would be knowingly and willingly committing fraud.

Can a notary in NC notarize a document in another state?

No. Their power to Notarize signatures is good only within the borders of their own state.

What did Aristotle's signature look like?

He lived in an age when signatures under a document were not in use. If there still would exist a paper document that he wrote (but no such document has survived) we would see that he might have mentioned his name somewhere in the text as the writer, but he would never have 'signed' it.

Can a notary sign for a family member in North Carolina?

No. Notary Publics can only be a witness to things, such as signatures, and then by affixing their signatures and seal to the document, they attest to the fact that the person who signed the document identified themselves as actually being that person. They have no legal power to sign another person's name, for that they would need the other person's 'Power Of Attorney.'