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Mid to high level chance since sperm can remain on the tip of the penis.

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To have a pregnancy, the penis enters the vagina. There must also be an ejaculation.

Yes If he enters at all there is always a possibility that you can get pregnant wear a condom!

If a sperm cell enters the uterus and meets a ovum,you will become pregnant You are also exposing yourself to the risk of becoming infected with an STD.

No. Once the semen enters the condom, the stuff they put in the condom kills the semen right away.

There is still clear liquid that comes out during sex (before ejaculation), if that enters the female... you can still get pregnant.

There is always a risk when the penis is inside. Unless you want to risk pregnancy never ever be inside without a condom. Pre-ejaculate can also contain sperm and inside the urethra there can also be sperms left after the ejaculation.

If no semen enters the vagina, it is unlikely for pregnancy to occur. Some sperm can be in the fluid that comes out the tip of the penis when it's aroused, but this is less likely to make you pregnant than a full ejaculation of semen in or near the vagina.

The minute a penis enters the vagina you can get pregnant so protect yourself if you are not trying to get pregnant!

It is not likely that pregnancy will occur when using a condom. Condoms prevent pregnancy 96 - 98% of the time. Pregnancy can occur on some occasions when using a condom if the condom has a small hole and semen leaks into the vagina. Or, more severely, if the condom splits completely. STDs are transferred by the exchange of bodily fluid, so when vaginal secretion enters the hole on the head of the penis or is absorbed by the head of the penis, or when semen is deposited in the vagina and absorbed in the vaginal walls into the blood. The penis can leak semen before ejaculation, so ejaculation does not have to occur in order to transfer an STD from male to female. So, the probability of pregnancy occurring whilst using a condom is less than the probability of transferring an STD. This is because if the condom fails, the STD will probably be transferred. But, even if semen is deposited in the vagina, pregnancy is not certain, as this can depend on the stage of the female in her menstrual cycle.

Absolutely !!!! Sperm are fast little swimmers ... be careful! use a condom - ALWAYS.

It is possible that the pre-ejaculate fluid will contain sperm, even if he has peed since his last ejaculation, that can impregnate his partner if it enters her vagina.

Very slim to none. There is always a small chance of pregnancy any time you have sex. But also a womans body rejects about 50% of sperm that enters her body instantly. There are hormones in a females body that kills the sperm as soon as it enters. I would say there's nothing to worry about. If you are still worried about it, I would recommend going on birth control.

If you were using a condom correctly, then it's unlikely (though not impossible) you would get pregnant. However, there is always a risk--however small--of pregnancy any time a penis enters your vagina. Sperm can leak out prior to ejaculation, and condoms can fail. Be sure you understand what safe sex means before you proceed having sex.

If viable sperm enters the vaginal tract and remain alive long enough to find the egg, yes it is possible. Not terribly likely, but there are possibilities Odds are pretty low in the case of ejaculation outside the vagina unless there was unprotected vaginal intercourse leading up to the ejaculation. During intercourse the male can release a good deal of semen before ejaculation, this presents a much greater chance of pregnancy than using a condom and removing it for the big finish. Hence why "pulling out early" doesn't work.

Maybe if you dont want her to get pregnit you should either not have sex at all or reduce the risk by using a condom not your underwear.

You can never say for certain that you will get pregnant or not, but if the penis enters the vagina then yes you could potentially get pregnant. Some people think that the "pull out" method is effective birth control, and they are wrong. The penis will excrete semen without ejaculation. It release a lubricating like substance when erect, and that could potentially contain semen.

Nothing, just use a condom.

Well, it really depends. What type of sex(Vaginal?, Anal?, Oral?) Are you using condoms or birth control? Basically if and sperm enters the Vagina your women can get pregnant. If you use a condom correctly and your women is on birth control the chances of getting pregnant are VERY low. But still possible...... The only way to completely 100% fetus free is no sex.

That's called premature ejaculation. Try Psycho-sexual treatment.

Pregnancy occurs when semen enters the vagina and fertilizes an egg, and then only. If no semen entered your vagina (or the area outside your vagina, since sperm can swim), there is no chance you can get pregnant. If the condom was put on properly and did not break, there is an extremely low chance you can be pregnant. If you did not bleed much after intercourse, most likely it is coincidence that your cycle was almost over.

go and ask ur dad's faulty condom :)

no, you can only get pregnant when a man's sperm enters your vagina.

No. You can only get pregnant if semen enters your vagina.

No, a female can only get pregnant if semen enters her vagina.

Ejaculation, just like when sperm leaves the penis and enters the vaginathe water leaves the soil and enters the plant, pua leaves you gaging for it oioiii

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