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Its different in every woman. Sometimes you become fertile as soon as you come off contraception medication and with some women it takes 3 months to conceive to a year. Either way, if you are planning on becoming a responsible parent, I would highly recommend an honest chat with your doctors.

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Q: If a person has been on Seroquel for nearly 3 years and now has been off of it for 2 weeks how long should you wait until you are able to get pregnant safely without any risks?
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Can lesbians become pregnant without male sperm?

No. No person on Earth can become pregnant without sperm.

Can you mix seroquel and Xanax?

Yes, a person can take Seroquel and Xanax together. However, they do have some drug interaction, that will make the person very sleepy.

Can you mix seroquel and Lexapro?

yes, i know a close person that takes seroquel lexepre and toprimate its safe but youll be tired alot.

Is there any foods that can get a person pregnant?

No, pregnancy can only occur with vaginal intercourse. There is no food/drink that can make you pregnant without it.

Can you overdose on 2 seroquel?

Can a person overdose on 2/100 mgs of Seroquel

Can you take Ibuprofen with Seroquel?

Yes, a person can take the otc drug ibuprofen with the prescribed drug Seroquel. They are not known to have any adverse interactions or side effects.

Will decreasing dosage of seroquel from 200mg to 100mg give a person withdrawal symptoms?


Is it safe to take seroquel with lovan?

I currently take 60mg of lovan with 75mg of seroquel in the morning then 150mg of seroquel at night. This combination works for me and I have questioned my Dr. if it was safe. There can be a moderate interaction, however this will vary from person to person. Like I said this has been safe and worked well for me, unfortunately it can often be trial and error with these types of medications.

What effect does Seroquel have on pregnant women?

The honest answer is....they don't have a lot of information. That having been said, here's what IS known: untreated bipolar disorder or schizophrenia can have a very negative effect on the fetus, and that is well documented. Studies of seroquel on pregnant rats and dogs showed low birth weight and miscarriage risk, but these only showed up at doses FAR higher than the highest human dose. Your Dr. and yourself will need to work together to make the best choice for you. Remember, you are a person, too, whose needs also have to be taken into consideration. Good luck, and if you do take seroquel while pregnant, consider posting your experience online so that others in the future may learn from your findings!

If you have a different sex partner while pregnant does the DNA of the child change without protection?

No the sperm of the person you are having sex with while pregnant will have no effect at all on the baby.

if you kiss a person will they be pregnant?

if you have sec with a kid will they get pregnant

Can you mix seroquel and hydrocodone?

probably nothorrible answer person above me.i have mixed oxycodone and seroquel several times and im fine. actually not engurraging anyone to do it but opiates gets rid of RLS

Can a person lose weight while taking Seroquel?

so far I have found that the only way to lose weight on seroquel is to also be on effexor xr. It is possible to lose weight on seroquel and not be taking any other drug. You need a lot of motivtion, healthy eating and excerise. I have been taking seroquel for 5 years so I know how frustratring it can be to lose the initial weight gain.

If a person is dead 24 to 36 hours before the toxicology blood work is done will the Seroquel levels still be that and true of the time of death?

Yes, you are going to jail for a long time. ----------- Considering that Seroquel's half-life is 6 hours, that the likelihood of Seroquel OD causing death is extremely low, and the fact that your blood stops circulating when you die, I imagine that the Seroquel would definitely show up on a blood test. So, your ideas of homicide/suicide would not work with a Seroquel OD.

Does it mean that you are not pregnant if you have your period?

No that person is not pregnant.

Why cant a person with blood type O get a person with blood type A pregnant?

They can get a person with blood type A pregnant.

Is it illegal to pass seroquel to another person?

As with any prescription medication, it is illegal and dangerous to give Seroquel to a person to whom it has not been prescribed. There are some major side effects, some which cannot be treated, and one should be under a doctor's care when taking this or any prescription medication.

Could 1200mg of seroquel heroin and vodka kill a person?

heroin, or vodka, could kill a person. Add seroquel and its just one hell of a party on the way out. :) probably to hell. ID1287330971 i allways see him<<<<< o.O

Will seroquel show positive for THC on a drug test?

There is no evidence to show that Seroquel (quetiapine) will show up on a drug test as THC. Always be sure to tell the person conducting the drug test what medications you are on, just in case.

Could a person be pregnant if there belly button have closed in?

Could a person be pregnant if they have a inner belly button

Will 100mg of seroquel put you to sleep?

Seroquel should ONLY be taken according to your prescription. A person on Seroquel needs to take their meds the way that they're supposed to, in the time frame that they are supposed to, to keep a steady level of the drug in the body. Seroquel is an anti-psychotic, and not a sleep aid. The important thing is, if you are on Seroquel, you need to take it properly. Don't just stop taking it; you need to be "weaned off". And if it is not your prescription, you should NOT take it. Anti-psychotic drugs taken by a person who doesn't need it can be dangerous, including having long-term permanent effects such as Tardive Diskinesia. Actually Seroquel IS prescribed by a lot of doctors as a sleep aid. It's an anti psychotic medication that can be used to help you sleep. I have a prescription for it as a sleep aid myself actually.

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4-6 Liters of blood for the average person. Nearly double that in late pregnancy. Still depends on size and how far along, but that is a ball park.

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