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Go to a reputable dealer. You will get a better car. And make sure you test drive it. If you are unsure if it is a good car, don't buy it until you have it checked by someone who knows what to look for. As far as insurance, that is up to you. If you are making payments, you have to have full coverage. If you are going to pay cash you can have whatever coverage you want. Talk to you insurance person and see how much the minimun is and how much the maximum is. I would suggest getting the maximum or something in the middle, if you can afford it. It will be worth it if you ever need to use it.

2015-07-15 19:18:20
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When should someone consider obtaining traveler insurance?

Someone should consider purchasing traveller insurance when they are planning on traveling and want to protect their possesions from the dangers of traveling.

At what age should one consider getting life insurance?

It is suggested that a person should always have a open policy if only to cover funeral cost for an untimely death.

When should one back out from a love relationship?

You should back out of a love relationship when you are being abused, when you realize you do not love the other person, or when the relationship is no longer working. You should seriously consider backing out of the relationship if the other person cheats on you or does not treat you with respect.

What should you consider when buying homeowner insurance?

You should consider the area you are living in, whether your home will be prone to much damage. You should consider the cost, whether or not you can afford this insurance and whether or not the home is something that is only a short stop or somewhere you truly want to stay.

Where could one purchase cheap car insurance for a person under 21?

There are a number of companies that offer and provide cheap car insurance for a person under 21. Some companies one should consider include Progressive, Kanetix and Allstate.

How much does treatment for dementia cost?

If you are worried about paying for dementia treatments, you should consider getting medical insurance, which should cover about half or more/less of your bills. Medication can get costly, so you should definitely consider insurance.

Why should you respect other people?

so they will respect you back Although that is a bonus to that, it is not a guarantee that you will receive respect for respect. A better answer is to be the better person.

Why a person should have proper body language during his interview?

To show that they respect the person that is interviewing you and that you can take things seriously and with respect.

Why should you respect a person who has a handicap?

It is not necessary to respect a person BECAUSE he or she has a handicap. It is common grace and good manners to do so with everyone.

What are the terms for vaiable life insurance?

You should consider life insurance that covers you for the amount you need. Term life insurance is one form of coverage.

Who is the old person you respect?

You should always show respect to a person who is older than you or in a position of authority. This just shows good manners and is appreciated by the older person.

At what age should a person consider getting life insurance?

"While you can get life insurance at almost any age, a particularly appropriate time is before you are thirty or forty years of age. Life insurance can be helpful in defraying costs if you were to suddenly die, or another unforeseen event."

Which topics should you consider when you need to compare different health insurance companies?

when you need to compare different health insurance companies topics that you should consider are; affordability, preventive care, pre-existing, medical conditions, and family coverage.

Your truck was totaled and the person that hit you does not have enough insurance what should you do?

Sue him.A bit more:If the person who hit you doesn't have enough insurance to cover the damages to your vehicle, then your insurance should cover the balance of the costs if you have full coverage and not just liability insurance.

Who should everyone respect everyone no matter what who is a person that we should always resppect?

depends on you, you should know what to do.

What should you consider before taking out classic car insurance?

Before taking out classic car insurance, you should first consider making sure it is fixed up. Get a mechanic to look at it, repaint it if needed and get it appraised so that you can insure it for the right price.

When a car is repossessed what do you do with the insurance?

When a car has been repossessed the person paying the insurance should cancel it.

What should one consider when comparing cheap auto insurance companies?

The most important thing to consider when comparing cheap auto insurance companies is the companies reputation. This can be found out by reading the companies reviews.

What companies should a person consider when they want to get a loan?

The companies a person should consider when they want to get a loan is a big named trusted company. Banking companies are good companies a person can go to to get a loan.

When should I consider buying cheap insurance?

You should consider buying cheap insurance if it is still a great value and has every benefit that you really need. If you need more coverage and can afford it though, you should go with a higher plan that will serve you better, as it may be cheaper in the long run.

Should I pay for auto accident out of pocket?

No way! Do you have insurance? Does the other person? Who's fault? trade insurance info with the other person.

When getting auto insurance for a Chrysler what should one consider?

When getting auto insurance for any car the first things people should take into consideration is what kind of insurance and coverage they want as well as how much they can afford to pay.

What are some of the factors that one should consider when purchasing house building insurance?

One should consider when purchasing House Building Insurance the following factors - Personal Liability (enough to cover someone else's injuries). Also you will need to consider personal property for the structure itself and the contents once inside the house.

How should a person go about obtaining private health care insurance?

First a person should contact a local insurance company such as Blue Cross and Blue shield to see what quotes they can provide. However, Cobra is another option for insurance.

If your car was in an accident and the other person driving was at fault. Who's insurance should pay for your car damage?

the insurance of the person responsible for the accident