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No. The seller must honor the contract.

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Q: If a seller in contract agrees to pay all taxes until sale can they make buyer pay taxes instead?
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What does the acronym cfd stand for?

In terms of finance, the acronym cfd stands for "contract for difference," which refers to a contract that occurs between a buyer and a seller. In this contract, the seller of an asset agrees to pay the buyer the difference between the value of the asset when it is bought and when it is sold. However, if that difference is negative, the buyer will pay the seller the difference.

What is the Contract called which lets one party deny other party rights to do business transaction with anyone else?

Here are two types of contracts that may answer your question: Requirements contract - A Buyer agrees to purchase all of their needed from a certain seller Output contract - Buyer agrees to purchase all that is produced by seller

What is contract of sale?

When the seller of goods transfers or agrees to transfers (agreement to sale) the general property (ownership) to the buyer for the price, then it is called "contract of sale".

How does a sales contract work?

The buyer agrees to pay a pre-determined price for a good or service. The seller agrees to supply that good or service at the pre-determined price. There may well be other terms in the contract.

If buyer requests a release from contract can seller choose to enforce the contract?

A contract, if properly drafted, is enforceable. If the buyer requests a release the seller can negotiate or keep the deposit.

Which statement about contracts is correct?

The correct statement about contract is that a contract is an agreement between a buyer and a seller. A contract can be a written or oral agreement.

Delineate in a sentence?

The contract will delineate the responbilities of the buyer and the seller

How would one describe a land contract?

A land contract is a contract between seller and buyer of property. A contract is only made when an agreement between seller and buyer has been reached. The seller becomes the land owner only when the full payment has been made.

If after a contract has been signed and agreed upon for buying a home can the seller back out of the deal?

Yes they can if it is done in accordance with the terms of the contract. If it is done in breach of the contract, the seller can actually have legal action taking against them. Not always Unless the buyer agrees, the contract remains enforceable, and a court can order the sale to proceed.

Is the date of contract the date the seller signed?

The date the Buyer signs it.

When a seller has agreed to supply all of the needs of a buyer there is a?

requirements contract

When is a real estate contract valid?

When it has been signed by the buyer and seller.

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