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Soft. Massive (too much gravity)

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What could you do if you went to Jupiter?

Because it is a gas giant and doesn't have a surface that you could land on, you could just orbit it and observe it from space, which would be a fascinating thing to do. You could land on some of its moons and explore them and observe Jupiter from them.

Where would you land if you went to antarctica?

Because you'd pay for the private airplane to fly you to Antarctica, you could land anywhere you wanted to land that was physically possible. There are no commercial flights to Antarctica.

What was Americas three man spacecraft?

The Apollo spacecraft that went to the moon carried a crew of three.

Why was Apollo 13 famous?

Because something went badly wrong with their spacecraft and they still managed to get back alive.

Who went with Lewis and Clark on the expedition?

Sacagawea went with Lewis and Clark. she was invaluable to the explorers because she could translate for them in dealings with the Shoshones, whose land the expedition passed through.

In which spacecraft did sunitha Williams went to space?


What type of spacecraft went to Mars?

mariner4,6,7,9 viking1,2

What is the name of the spacecraft that went to mercury?

Mariner 10

Why did the Jews return to Canaan?

Canaan was the land that was promised to Abram. He left the land of Ur and went to Canaan. When a draught came to the region, his descendants went to Egypt. They returned to Canaan because it was their "Promised Land" where God said he would bless them and they could worship their own way in freedom.

Why to go to the Oregon trail?

They went so they could go for new land.

When did Hatshepsut go to the land of Punt?

She went to the land of Punt because she had heard a god "summoning" her to go there

How did the Railroads affect the Plains Indians?

it took part of their land, because the railroad had went inbetween their land.

Why people went west?

Because of cheap land and big dreams.

What were other reasons for the crusades?

i think because they went the holy land

Did any spacecraft go to Neptune?

Yes In fact it went to Pluto.

What was the spacecraft that neil Armstrong went to the moon on?

I think its APOLLO 11...

Where would you land if you went to Paris went west then went south were would you land?

You would land southwest of paris??

Was there people in the spacecraft that went to Neptune?

No person was on a planet that was not earth, only the moon

Was there a teacher on the Apollo 13?

No, there wasn't. Only three men went in the spacecraft.

In which spacecraft did rakesh sharma went to space?

Soyuz T-11..........Sandy

Which spaceship went to the moon first?

It was the Russian spacecraft Luna 2. In 1969.

Who went on the Sputnik 1 spacecraft?

Sputnik one had only radio equipment on it.

What spacecraft went into orbit around Saturn in July 2004?

Cassini Huygena

Who went with Buzz Aldrin in the Gemini mission?

Astronaut James Lovell went with Buzz Aldrin on the Gemini 12 spacecraft.

How did islands get made if their is no volcano?

It could be land masses that were already there, it doesn't always have to volcano made. Or, It could be land that was under ground that was exposed when water levels went down