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Mabye he hates you or something. He doesn't like you me.

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Where is the best place to look for special education teacher jobs?

The best place to look for special education teacher jobs would be to look into places that need special education teachers, eg all schools, universities etc. Alternatively, you can advertise around where you live or on the internet.

What does the term Dali lama mean?

AnswerDalai means ocean. And Lama means teacher. I do not remember the languages but I guess you can easily look them up.

Signs a woman likes you?

1) if she looks at you a lot 2) if she talks to you quite a bit 3) if she tries to look her personal best around you 4) if she sometimes smiles at you when you look at her

Why does your cat stand with her back all humped up at times?

It means it's scared and it tries to make itself look bigger to defend itself.

How can you become a teacher on club penguin?

be a good nice teacher an look like a teacher be a kind helpfull teacher an a safe teacher

What does it mean when your best friend tells you that your hot?

It means you look good

What eats fruits?

I thought I told you that Wikianswers is not the best place to look up information... -Sincerely Your middle school teacher

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word look up?

'Look up' is a phrasal verb and can have a literal or a non literal meaning. Literal meaning - Look up at the clouds! Here look up means exactly that look up. non literal meaning - The teacher said look up the word in the dictionary. Here look up means find.

How do you use the word stare in a sentence?

Stare means "Look at with fixed eyes" Example sentences are: The students stared at the teacher with amazement. Do not stare at me.

How do you know if your teacher is a bad teacher or not?

You can tell because the teacher might look LIKE OR SHE MIGHT BE VERY MEAN!

Why is curly so aggressive in the book mice of men?

Curley is so aggressive because he tries to look tough in front of the big guys and because he's small he's actually afraid of the big guys so he tries to look big by being tough. (he's small so he tries to look big)

What does best features mean?

it means like is your, boobs/breast, pussy/vagina, your thighs, or your belly or your face look best.

What can you do to copy other peoples stuff?

Well the best way is don't. If you absolutely need to. You glance don't look. The more you look at their 'paper' for example the more the student or teacher will notice.

How should you dress up for Charles Dickens day?

I personally should, apparently, wear a shirt with bloused sleeves, dark pants with suspenders, and a top hat, because that's what I was wearing when I was told (by a teacher) "You look like a character out of Dickens." (Another teacher then chimed in with "He means you look like the dickens.")

How do you practice ikebana?

You can get a book or look at Youtube videos but it would be best to see if you can take some lessons from an ikebana teacher. Ikebana International is an organization of many ikebana schools. They would be able to direct you to a nearby teacher.

What is a sentence for verbatim?

The word verbatim means "word for word". Used in a sentence, it would look like this: "The teacher told Carrie's parents what was said verbatim".

What does it mean when a man says you are one of the best catches?

It means that he thinks you look like a fish.

What does he mean by mindless?

it means to stay fresh and look your best,and work harsd and stay focus

What is the movie called when a little bear lost his button and tries to look for it?


What does impermable mean?

it means nothing the word doesnt exist!! so tell ur teacher shes a wrong person and tell her to look up if the word is real!! :)

What is the function of polypeptide chains?

look in your textbook if you have one or ask a science teacher or even your science teacher

What is a good way of predicting what the teacher will ask on an exam?

Look in your notes for the concepts that the teacher has emphasized in class.

How do you know he hates you?

He glares at you in an angry way every time he sees you; he tries not to look at you; he has a revolting look on his face when he looks at you.

Where is Nessie on the viewfinder on Poptropica?

I don't know To get unlimited tries to look for Nessie on the viewfinder, open new tabs and open poptropica and go to the viewfinder and look for Nessie. Keep doing this so you will get unlimited tries per day.

Where can a math teacher look for jobs?

Look for "Jobs for Maths Teacher" on any website. This will supply you with websites that will give you information about the job and will give you an idea what to expect when you arrive.

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