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Candy is one of the first things to cut, since it does nothing for nutrition. Eate healthy food only.

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Can Patagonian Conure over eat?

Yes! food is like candy to them! They'll eat as much as you give them. It is reccomended you somewat restrict their diet.

How does the candy thermometer works?

Its measures how much candy you can eat,without pukeing!Its measures how much candy you can eat,without pukeing!

Why do your teeth hurt whenever you eat candy?

BECAUSE WHEN YOU EAT TOO much candy your teeth will eventually start to ache. Just don't eat to much candy.

Do french people eat candy?

I think that all people would eat candy, but imagine all the people that don't like sugar or are on a diet.

How much candy do you eat?

you don,t eat a candy you faling. to go to the bathromok

How much candy should a 12 year girl eat a day?

Zero ounces. Maybe she should have a treat twice a month, but candy shouldn't be a part of anyone's normal diet.

How can candy get you sick?

If you eat to much candy that canmake you sick!!

Can you eat hard candy while on a diet?

You can eat ANYTHING on a diet, as long as it's within your calorie allowance. Count it in and see what you'll have to trade for it.

Why is it bad to eat too much candy?

because candy has too much sugar in it and if you eat too much you might get a sugar rush. candy might be really good and you might want to eat it alot. BUT STOP. its ok to eat about... 5 pieces of candy at a time at least but dont eat tht much. stay healthy :)

How much fruit should a teenager eat?

a lot

Does candy give you cavities?

yes it does, sometimes when you eat to much candy.

How much days does it take to eat candy?

depends on the type of candy

What not to eat on a diet?

Chocolate. Bread. Cake. Chips. Ice cream. Candy. Pizza.

how much should i eat when on a diet?

probably like half meals every day

How much candy should you eat in one day?

you should read the nution facts on the candy bag to see how much to eat a day. Otherwise you should eat about 2-4 pices of candy. CANDYS GOOD!

What happen when you eat too much candy?

get sick and get of course get sick of candy

How much candy does an average kid eat on Halloween?

50000billion tons of candy!

Can you get sick from trick or treat?

Yes if you eat to much candy or if the candy is rotten.

How much candy does Denmark eat?

People of Denmark eat on average 26 pounds of candy each year.

How much candy do you have to eat to get a cavity?


How much protein should teenagers eat?

Teenagers are all different so there is no one answer to this question. If you visit, you have the chance to describe the teenager and see what kind of diet he/she needs.

How much candy does a child eat on Easter?

Too much.

Is it dangerous to not eat when you diet?

Yeah,but if you eat too much,then you ruin your diet and then it becomes a problem.

How much candy do you have to eat to get diabetes?

Diabetes is when you have high blood sugar. You would have to eat candy with a lot of sugar in it to get diabetes.

Why does Sweden eat so much candy?

For the Swedish candy tastes sooo good!

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