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File a claim on your comprehensive auto insurance if you have it. Your homeowners insurance will not cover damage to your vehicle.

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Will your entire roof be replaced when tree falls and damages only part?

No, your insurance contract specifies coverage for certain damages that result from the covered perils listed on your policy. Homeowners insurance can not provide coverage for things that are not damaged.

How do you get your insurance company to pay for a roof damaged by a hail storm?

Generally you would just file a claim with your insurance company. If you have windstorm coverage and your roof met the requirements for coverage on your policy you should have no problem getting the company to pay for repairs.

Can an insurance company require roof replacement to continue your insurance coverage?

Roofs require occasional replacement, generally every 20 to 30 years depending on the rating of your roofing materials. Some Insurance Companies will require you update your roof for continued coverage once it has reached it's expected lifespan. Some companies will allow you to exclude further roof coverage and maintain the rest of your policy.Answergive my roof back u ugly insurance company never trust nation wide to date

Will homeowners cover an injury caused by falling off the roof while doing repairs?

It depends on what coverage you bought and who was working on the roof. Talk with your insurance agent for help determining coverage purchased.

Does homeowner insurance cover damage to uninsured car in garage?

Sure, if the roof falls on it, or there's a fire. But it won't cover anything that happens on the road. Check in with your insurance agent. Most homeowner policies exclude damage of any kind to automobiles.

Can you claim roof damage on a new roof?

It is VERY important to have a professional roofing insurance resoration specialist inspect your roof first. This person will determine whether or not you have a claim. Next, you will contact the insurance company to make a claim and an appointment. The restoration specialist will be there to meet with your claims adjuster.

Can an insurance company pay to replace only a portion of a roof after hail damage?

Probably only if you have full coverage. Otherwise the Insurance company will deny you.

How about if you do not carry a homeowners insurance and neighbors tree falls on your roof?

If you don't have homeowners insurance you just have to remove the tree and fix the damage yourself.

Is it an Ohio law if the insurance company can't match the shingles do they have to replace the whole roof?

No, There is no such law. What the company will pay for the repair of your roof is dependent on what type of policy you bought and the age of your roofing material. If you bought an HO1, the cheapest Home Insurance Policy then you probably have cash value coverage. The company will only pay to repair the damaged portion of your roof. Match and asthetic issues are generally excluded from coverage under the HO1 If you bought an HO2 or HO3 policy then you may have full replacement value coverage, in which case they will pay whatever it cost to replace the entire roof. Match issues are addressed in your Insurance Policy Contract you agreed to when you purchased your insurance.

Snow fell down off your roof and damaged the hood of your car Will your full coverage auto insurance cover the cost of new hood?

Yes, comprehensive coverage should pay for incidents such as this.

If a tree falls and damages a roof of his own house on his property in a icestorm will homeowners insurance cover the damage?

absolutely yes

Does homeowners insurance cover a car under collapsed roof due to snow?

Homeowners insurance specifically excludes damage done to any four wheel motorized vehicles and motorcycles. Your only coverage for such is under an auto insurance policy and you will need to have comprehensive coverage for such a claim.

What help can I get with repairs to my roof after so much rainfall from my property insurance help.?

The best source of information would be your insurance agent or other Insurance Company Representative. Most Homeowners insurance policies have coverage available for storm damaged roofs.

Do you have to pay a deductible if a roof of a building falls on your car?

Yes, any time there is a claim which the insurance co will be covering, a deductible is paid.

Who pays for roof leak into my home?

The answer probably lies within your association's declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs). There may be an exculpatory, or non-liability, clause that lets the association off the hook even if negligence is a factor in the deficiency in the common roof. The association's insurance would not be responsible for paying for your claim if this type of exculpatory clause appears in the legal documents. The insurance company could also deny your claim if the association has had a history of roof leaks in the past. Insurance companies soon get wise to associations that defer their roof maintenance and then expect the insurance coverage to pay for interior damage. A past history of roof leaks can result in eventual cancellation of the association's policy. In my opinion, it is wise to obtain insurance coverage for the interior of your unit and its contents. This will only assist you in case of future losses. When obtaining this coverage, you should also consider loss-assessment coverage, which will reimburse you in the event that your association must levy a special assessment due to an insurance loss. This type of coverage is very helpful if your association is affected by an earthquake or flooding for example. Consult an attorney who specializes in community association law. After reviewing your association's legal documents and insurance policy, he or she will be able to advise you about your rights and the association's obligations.

Does renters insurance cover hail damage to the roof of my mobile home?

No, renters insurance is coverage specific to property that belongs to the named insured.If it's a rental property then the property owners insurance would cover storm damage to the roof. If it's just worn out then that would be an owners maintenance issue.

If you were paid by an insurance company 6 years ago to get a new roof but did not and now have a different insurance company on the same house can you make a claim on the roof with new company?

You can make a claim, but if you are claiming the same damages that is insurance fraud and it is a federal crime. If you have unrelated damages you can make a claim, or you can disclose the prior claim to your insurance carrier and they will advise you if there is any coverage that would apply.

Do you have to replace roof with the insurance check or can you pay other bills?

I work for an insurance repair company, and yes - if the insurance company has paid you directly for the roof repairs, you can certainly use the money any way you wish. However, if your roof leaks in the future, and say something horrible happens - like your ceiling falls in - the insurance can deny covering any of those damages based on the fact that they paid you to get the roof fixed - which you never did. You could end up with more roof damages than you have now, as well as damages to the inside of your home, which would also be denied.

If you fall off your roof and can't work will home owners insurance cover you?

No, your homeowner's policy covers sudden, unexpected damage to your structure and its contents and legal liability to other. It does not cover you medically.You might consider some disability insurance.

Can you get your homeowners policy to cover damage to your car if the roof fell onto the car?

House Falls on CarNo. That's what Auto insurance is for. It's the same as if a tree falls on your car. You would need to look to the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance policy for repair of your automobile.

What insurance company will insure a home built in 1925 in Florida without the updates for electric plumbing and roof done?

Insurance for older homesYou may not find a company willing to provide all-risk coverage or replacement cost coverage. You should be able to buy a named-peril, ACV (pays depreciated value due to age) policy with basic fire & extended coverage. Contact a few agents. In Florida, most insurers will require you get a 4 point inspection and the inspection covers roof, electrical, plumbing & AC. Based on the inspection, the insurance company will decide whether they'll sell you insurance.Example, if the inspector deems your roof needs to be replaced, most companies won't insure you until you get roof fixed, replaced. ( they will let you know what needs to be done for you to "pass" inspection.)

What types of damages does buildings and contents insurance cover?

Building and content insurance coverage can be bought individually or together as a package. Building insurance covers damage to the building such as damage to the roof, walls and floors. Contents insurance on the other hand, covers damage or loss to the personal contents that are contained in the house.

Does insurance cover a leak in the roof?

It depends on the termsof your insurance.

Why are some Katrina victims with roof damage and HO3 replacement cost policies being paid for generators and whole roof replacements while others are not?

An HO3 policy typically includes cost of replacement. However, that does not mean that the entire roof will be replaced just because there is a damaged part.An HO3 policy will cover the cost of repairs up to full replacement of the entire roof if it is unrepairable. If the roof can be repaired then that's what the company will do.AnswerThe coverage depends on the insurance policy that is purchased. All HO3's are not equal. This should be discussed with the local insurance agent. AnswerInsurance claims are negotiations and each home owner and adjuster does not negotiate equally. It's up to the homeowner to get educated on their rights and demand coverage based on those rights.

Should my moon roof have a retractable cover door to block out sunlight when moon roof is not in use?

no way no way