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Possibly both drivers would be assigned a percentage of the responsibility. If not, it would be the fault of the driver pulling out of the driveway. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have ample time and space to enter any roadway before you do so. If the other driver was exceeding the speed limit, they could be assigned the fault, with the thought that if they had been traveling the proper speed, they would be in control of the vehicle and could have avoided it.

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Can someone get speeding ticket in their driveway?

Pulling into your driveway doesn't provide you any safe haven from receiving a ticket if a police officer registered you speeding and was engaged in an active pursuit of your vehicle prior to you pulling into your driveway.

Who has to pay if a car pulls out and is hit by anothercar?

If a vehicle is pulling into roadway from driveway, the vehicle pulling out is at fault.

Who is responsible when a car backing out of driveway collides with car pulling away from curb?

O.K. The vehicle that is backing out is backing out from private property. The vehicle that is pulling away should have the right of way. You see when a vehicle is trying to enter a Highway via driveway, parking lot, ect. he is ASKING for the right of way and he is responsible for yielding. Hope this helps. Thanks CMAC, 8 year SC State Trooper

Can an uninsured vehicle be parked in a driveway?

In the UK it can, if the driveway is private property.

Can you get a speeding ticket while passing another vehicle?

If you're speeding, then you're speeding, and you can get a ticket for it. The fact that you were passing another vehicle is beside the point.

Is it illegal to clock someone speeding while on their motorcycle on someones driveway?

In most states a property owner can make his property subject to vehicle code enforcement. Then the violation is the same as if it had occurred on the street. If you did not have permission to use the driveway you could also be charged with trespassing. Vehicle codes vary quite a bit from state to state. Several of my friends and acquaintances died on motorcycles doing stunts and speeding on private driveways and lots. The cop may be doing you a big favor.

Is it illegal to have a broken down vehicle in your driveway?

Communities have their own zoning laws. In many having a broken vehicle in your driveway can be a violation of the zoning laws.

What happen when a train collides with a jeepney?

If a train going at a high rate of speed collides with a vehicle, it will almost assuredly totally destroy the vehicle and kill the people in it. Though chances of survival are better when the train is going a slow speed, the devastation to the vehicle and occupants of the vehicle is still very likely to be grave.

Can you get fired if you drive a company vehicle and you get a speeding ticket in your own vehicle?

Only if getting the speeding ticket means that you are disqualified from driving AND you need to drive to do your job.

Speeding is permitted when passing another vehicle when?

Speeding is never permitted, at least not in CT.

Can you get out of a speeding ticket if the style of car was not listed on the speeding ticket?

No. If you are caugh speeding, they will note down your registration plate and the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

Can you park your car on your driveway with no insurance?

You can park your vehicle on your property with no insurance. HOWEVER, in some cities you must have a current license plate on your vehicle for it to be parked in the driveway and to have a current plate, you are required to have insurance. The issue here is the driveway and what can be seen from the street. Unlicensed vehicles in a driveway could be viewed as a "junkyard", "car lot" etc

Whose fault when car A pulls 6inch onto road from driveway and car B speeding hit the left rear of car A Car B showed no signs of defensive driving and was coming up a hill a blind spot for car A.?

All entries into a roadway should be treated as a stop sign. The vehicle entering the road is the vehicle that should be defensive. If the car B was not speeding or driving erratically, there is no fault there.

Can you prevent strangers from driving on your driveway?

Yes you can, just by parking your vehicle at the end of the driveway where the strangers are unable to pull their vehicle onto your driveway. Yes, if you build a gate on the inside of your property line and clear of the public property "easement". Of course, that answer is dependant on the local regulations.

Who's at fault when a car is pulling out of a driveway and you hit them?

any vehicle leaving private property and entering a public road ,is at fault. all vehicles leaving private property MUST yield to vehicles on a public road

Can you park an on call commercial vehicle in driveways?

You can if you have permission from the driveway owner.

Can tow truck driver repo vehicle while a person is in it in their driveway?

Yes but he is not allowed to tow the vehicle with a person in it.

Reversing on a public road and hit a vehicle coming out of private driveway?

The backing vehicle appears to be at fault - they should have been looking behind them to see what was happening there and seen the car coming out of the driveway.The car coming out of the driveway would have had their attention in the other direction, looking for oncoming traffic.

If someone else is driving your car and gets a speeding ticket will it affect your insurance?

No. Speeding tickets are issued to the driver not the vehicle.

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