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She could be. But she could just be ovulating or near her period

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Q: If a woman has odd food cravings can she be she pregnant?
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When can you tell someone you are pregnant?

When she has cravings for odd things such as dirt, vomits in the morning and even more bitchy then normal.

Why do pregnant women crave toothpaste?

Any odd cravings in pregnancy may indicate need for certain nutrients such as iron

What are some popular food fallacies regarding pregnancy?

The oldest and most popular one is that pregnant women crave odd foods, especially ice cream with pickles. Another one is that if a pregnant woman craves a particular food, then the baby will love that food when it is older.

I am 17 and I think i might be pregnant What are some signs of pregnancy?

Some signs of being pregnant are morning sickness, odd cravings, and frequent bowl movements. You can take a pregnancy test, but see a doctor to be sure.

Can a woman leak out her breast when she is not pregnant and what does this mean and is the common?

That is odd, but if you have never had kids you need to go to the doctor. If not then it just happens, you can get a shot for that to stop

Can thyroid patients eat chalk Is it favoured?

This sounds like pica - you should talk to your doctor about odd cravings. No chalk is not flavored.

Is Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents pregnant again?


What are the main early pregnancy symptoms?

Early pregnancy symptoms are uusally nausea, back pain and there is no menstrual cycle. Also gain in appetite or cravings for odd food. You may also experience sleeping alot and also mood swings.

Is tna wrestle ODB a man?

no she's a woman, just a very odd woman.

What are the release dates for Adventures in Wonderland - 1992 Odd Woman Out 1-77?

Adventures in Wonderland - 1992 Odd Woman Out 1-77 was released on: USA: 1993

How long are German shephard dogs pregnant for?

Nine weeks odd.

When will the Pre Menstrual cycle start?

It depends on each woman, it could be anywhere from a 3 weeks to 1 day before your actual menstruation cycle. You will be able to tell after you get use to it. anywhere from cramps, cravings, mood swings, skin appearance, light bleeding, or in odd cases a slight fever.

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