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The Owner's Manual has helpful diagrams that help determine which bulb(s) to target; note that there are several types of assemblies, so study the sections carefully.

The plastic assembly/wiring for the left rear corner seemed rather delicate/difficult to access, so I was reluctant to use too much force. I wound up having to carefully grip it with a pair of Channel Locks to twist the 1/8 turn to the left (right to tight; loosen to left).

It also took quite a bit of force to remove the bulb assembly (I did this in freezing weather). You can confirm you are about to remove/replace the right bulb by looking at the filament.

Reassembly was much easier but those little plastic rivets for the covers didn't seem to seat right (they apparently are supposed to pop out/replace after a 1/4 turn with a Phillips head screwdriver).

This happened to me and it was one of the license plate lights that were out.

The bulb that was out on mine was the interior brake light that is on top of the back seat.

We had this happen when we changed a 3rd brake light bulb. Turned out the bulb was the wrong one (even though it lit up fine). Replacing it with a bulb from the dealer fixed the problem. I'm guessing it was the wrong voltage and still caused the warning light even though the bulb lit up.

Just wanted to confirm what was said previously, as I just had the problem with a Camry 1993! Fortunately, I found this forum, and these posts, so I changed the non-defective interior brake lamp (from a 906 to a 921 (LL) model, if it is relevant to anybody) and the indicator went off! (I have previously changed 2 defective bulbs, without any effect on the indicator, I was really confused ...) So, maybe in other cases it won't work, but it definitely worth a try as it seems to have worked for several people. BTW, Thks to everybody contributing to the FAQ, I saw a lot of interesting things ! i just wanted to say most answers were correct, most problems are caused by a missed third brake light on rear deck, second Toyota has a very sensitive bulb out relay in trunk on left side of trunk near left trunk hinge bordering the carpet anyhow the job of this module is to measure current draw when lights are applied if wrong bulbis installed just because it fits does not meat it it the right lumen rating causin a signal to be sent from module,some repair shops cut corners when buying bulbs,they might work but they draw different current causing this signal warning also toyota is famous for melting ground wires melting to the tail light housing causing havoc on rear lighting

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Q: If all bulbs are working on a 2000 Toyota Camry and the replace bulb indicator is on the front dash to replace a bulb what does that mean?
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