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it all depends who is the lender and what type of loan your getting.

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Q: If an account is unpaid and seven years have passed could you still get a loan?
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Is it possible to go outside the country even if you have an unpaid credit card account?

Unpaid credit cards won't effect your ability to travel. If left unpaid, they will be charged off and likely assigned or sold to a collections agency. The collections agency will continue to attempt collections, and your credit will be impacted negatively for seven years.

How long can an unpaid tax lien stay on your credit report in Colorado?

An unpaid tax lien will stay indefinitely, paid for seven years.

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If an unpaid amount comes off of your credit report after seven years is it gone forever or is there a chance that it could come back on?

An unpaid account that is removed from a CR, may have been "bought" by a third or even fourth party collector. That collector can replace the account in question on the CR whenever they initiate collection proceedings. There really are no "disappearing debts" not even in BK. The exception would be the death of a sole debtor who lived in a non-community property state. And even then there are creditors who would literally pursue the deceased to the grave and beyond.

How do you create an account on seven swords?

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Can the debt collector sue you for a 12 year old account?

Yes, they can sue you for a 100 year old account, BUT they cannot collect on it or obtain a judgment if the statute of limitations has expired. If seven years have passed since the last payment was made, the debt is no longer recoverable.

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When you settle a card debt for less than the full amount should the amount due and the balance as listed on your credit report be zero or can they list the account as past due with a balance?

The account can read 'settled-not paid in full'-'settled-paid' or similar. The account should not be listed as 'past due' but any unpaid amount can be picked up by a collection agency who may try and collect on the unpaid amount. Monitor your credit report [[yearly] for any changes in the account status. Don't be afraid of disputing any inaccurate information, after all this is your credit report. Keep all written confirmations of accounts paid in full for about seven years so you have proof at a later date, if necessary.

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How long do unpaid medical bills stay on your credit report?

Like other late payments reported to a credit reporting agency, an unpaid medical bill may stay on a credit report for up to seven years.

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How long do unpaid car loan stay on your credit report?

Any unpaid loan will remain on your credit record for seven years from the last date of payment. In the event the lender obtained a judgment against the debtor, it will remain on the record for ten years past the date the judgment was issued. In some cases, if the lender obtains a judgment, the account is not paid, and the lender obtains an extension, the record will remain for an additional ten years past the first ten.

Does an unpaid tax lien have a termination time?

No, an unpaid tax lien will remain on the credit report for seven years but will be enforceable until it is paid in full. Tax liens are considered "perfected judgments/liens" thereby making the lien property subject to a forced sale.

How long does a debt stay on your credit if the amount is not paid?

A debt will stay on your credit report for seven years after the date that you were originally delinquent on the account. After seven years, this debt is taken off of the account.

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How long does a collection item stay on your credit report?

Typically seven years after the debt is resolved. * Seven years from the date of last activity (DLA) of the account or when the account went into default and became a negative entry on the credit report.

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How long does it take an unpaid bill to come off your credit?

Charge offs and most other defaulted debts are expunged (or should be) from a credit report seven years after the DLA.

How long do unpaid debts stay on your credit report?

Charge offs and defaulted accounts will generally stay on a CR for seven years from the DLA. It is possible for the creditor to sue for monies owed, and if a judgment is awarded, it will be entered in the public records portion of a CR and will remain for seven years, often longer. A debt could conceivably state on your credit report until it is paid off. Negative entries on your credit must generally be removed after 7 years. Bankruptcies state on your credit for 10 years.

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