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Q: If an electron transfers from one atom to another atom what type of bond will most likely form?
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What is the atom that loses or transfers an electron to another atom is called?

an isotope

What type of bond is formed when one atom transfers an electron to another atom?

An Ionic Bond

How are the ions formed .?

Ions are formed in the environment by the transfer of electrons. This occurs in the atom when one electron transfers to another.

When is an ionic bond formed?

An ionic bond forms when two oppositely charged ions combine.

What is likely to happen to an atom with one valence electron?

This atom lose an electron.

What is a chemical bond that occurs when an atom transfers electron?

an ionic bond

What happens when an atom loses an electron to another atom?

The atom that gains electron becomes an anion. The atom that loses electron becomes a cation.

What occurs when an electron transfers from the outer shell of one atom to the outer shell of another atom?

I think you're talking about an ionic reaction. So a ionic bond is made as a result of that.

A charged particle forms when an atom transfers electrons is an?

A charged particle that forms when an atom transfers electrons is an ion. An atom that loses an electron forms a positively charged ion called a cation; an atom that gains an electron forms a negatively charged ion called an anion.

How does ionic bonds form?

Ionic bonds are formed when atoms lose or gain electrons in order to have a full outer shell of electrons to make them stable.One atom pulls an electron from another atom.

What holds atom in covalent compound?

Each atom in a covalent bond shares at least one electron with another electron of another atom to maintain the covalent bond.

What will an atom of iodine most likely do to be stable?

Steal an electron from an atom of a different element.