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Depends on how often the premium was paid....

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Generally speaking, if the premium was paid on a monthly (or more frequent) basis, the answer is NO. If less frequently (i.e. quarterly, bi-annually, or annually), then most will refund the prorated amount, rounded to some reasonable number (i.e. typically a week). The exact specifics will be found in the policy itself.

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Q: If an employee dies will the insurance refund the unused part of the premium?
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Will Allstate insurance company refund premium if you cancel a landlord's policy?

They will refund any of your unused premium. For example, if you paid $600 in full for the year and you are 2 months into the policy term then they would owe you $100.

How long should you be with your auto insurance before you can switch to another?

you can switch at any time. You will have to pay anything that you owe your old company or they should refund any premium to you that was "unused"

Will USPS refund unused stamps?

No, USPS will not refund unused stamps.

Can you request reimbursement of unearned premium on a GAP insurance on your car one year after expiration because you forgot you had that coverage?

i recently traded in two cars with gap threw dealership can i get refund o unused gap

Can I switch car insurance companies if my policy isn't up yet?

Yes. If you prepaid for your policy, your insurance company will refund any unused portion.

Can you take the coverage off of your dad's car and use the rest of the coverage for a car that you buy?

NO. Different car, different circumstances. The old vehicle removed will generate a pro rated refund for any unused premium, and the new veh will have a premium of its own. You may be able to apply any refund to the new premium. Greg Nice

What percentage of my premium will be returned if I cancel car insurance?

This depends on your terms and conditions,but in general any unused premuim can be returned or tranfered to another car.

Is there any used or unused premium accounts on fantage?

Nope. You have to pay monthly for Premium.

Are there any used or unused premium accounts on fantage?

No. There isn't any, because you have to pay for an account of Premium.

Is there any way to get a refund for unused minutes if I switch cell phone carriers?

In most cases you will not be able to get a refund for any unused minutes with a cell phne. You should review your carriers terms and conditions to verify.

Can your tickets be cancelled and a refund available?

It depends on the place you got them from. Whether they will accept the unused tickets.

What would be the implications of a credit in your bank account?

An overcharge returned to you, possibly. Return of unused premium on insurance, etc. The implications should be clear in the explanation line; if not, you would best be served by asking the bank.

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