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== == Probably not.

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Q: If an employer changes insurance companies in the middle of the year and you've met your out of pocket expenses for the year will you have to meet them all over again?
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Does an employer need to notify employees of health insurance changes?

Yes, unless the Insurance Company is doing it.

Who do you contact for premims due when fiance and marital status changes?

The places you should contact for premiums due when a fiancé and marital status changes, are the insurance companies themselves. This could be for car insurance as well as mortgage insurance.

What is insurance times and where can you find it?

Insurance times is an insurance industry magazine based in the United Kingdom that discusses changes in policies and laws regarding insurance companies. You can subscribe to it in print, or you can read it online at their website.

Can an employer cancel your medical insurance while you are FMLA for surgery?

The answer may depend on the dates when you were on FMLA leave as the law underwent some changes and is date dependent. In general, insurance may only be canceled if insurance payments were not made. But for this to occur, the employer must give you advanced notice that this will occur due to nonpayment.

Can a husband cancel his wife's health insurance if not legally separated?

If not legally separated, you will probably have to wait until open enrollment through your employer to cancel her insurance. If you do get legally separated, you can cancel insurance as you have had "change in status." Usually insurance companies will process changes outside of open enrollment when you have a change in family status. An example of this would be getting married, having a baby, or getting divorced/legally separated.

What are variable expenses?

cost that changes

If your employer changes health insurance in your last few weeks of pregnancy will the new insurance cover you and the baby?

That is something you will need to check with your new insurance company. Most have some sort of coverage for pregnancy. Look over the policy and call the company with questions.

What are car expenses?

it might be referring to the fact that the cost of a car is not only that of the car itself, but also car expenses. For example: preventive maintenance (oil changes, fluid level maintenance, etc.), repairs, cost of fuel, insurance, registration, etc.

What changes in terminology related to insurance claims and medical billing and coding have occurred in the last two years?

All of the changes occurred to ensure that both facilities and insurance companies could communicate clearly. There have been changes to the CPT codes, the ICD codes, and penalties put in place for sub-par reporting.

What are the age categories for life insurance?

Each insurance company has different age categories. Some companies issue to age 70, some 80. Different companies will require different testing for applications based on your age. The pricing changes, however, every year older you are.

Can a spouse be dropped from employer's insurance if spouse is insured?

Yes you can select whatever coverage you want through your employer. However, your enrollment is through your employer and they usually only allow you to make changes to your coverage during open enrollement (the beginning of the year most commonly).

Which companies provide health insurance maternity?

Maternity health insurance is not a stand alone insurance. It is usually included in a package provided by your insurance plan. Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Humana offer maternity and post natal insurance plans. You also need to check with your current provider, because insurance changes from state to state sometimes.

Does employer need to notify employees of pay changes?


Gap Coverage?

Even if your employer offers health care for your family, you would be well served to obtain gap insurance for anything that your employer does not cover that you think may be a threat to your family. As employers often offer HMOs, your gap insurance should be a PPO, as they offer much more freedom and less restrictions than do HMOs. Gap insurance should have no maximum benefit, and should not leave any contingency uncovered, including emergency room stays, long term care, and prescription drugs. Check every six months for changes to the health plan of your employer, and change your gap insurance accordingly.

If your spouse who is not the primary insurance carrier makes a change over the phone is there a waiting period before it goes into effect?

Not usually. The majority of insurance companies accept the change valid at the time of the request. Even if it changes the premium amount.

How the changes in employee relations impact employment relationship?

The employer-employee relationship is a significant human relationship based on mutual dependency. Changes in employee relations have a great impact on both the employer and the employee. Both the employer and employee have obligations that arise from their relationship.

Get An Online Auto Insurance Quote Every Six Months?

The car insurance industry changes constantly. It's one of the industries that's most directly affected by changes in the overall economy, as insurance companies draw on banks to issue new policies and to pay out claims. As such, every driver should keep an eye on trends in the insurance industry to avoid overpaying for a policy. The best way to do this is to simply stay vigilant and check online auto insurance quotes every six months or so. If you notice any major changes in policy costs, be ready to switch if a low cost auto insurance option is available.

Are the Medicare supplement insurance rules different in California than in other states?

No the medicare rules are federal and will not be changes state to state. You may be thinking of medical which is a state program only. Well, yes and no. There are federal laws that all supplement insurance plans must follow, but the insurance companies who sell these plans are also subject to state insurance rules.

Is it lawful for your employer to make you work your days off?

the employer alone sets and changes your schedule, and must pay you for all days worked.

At what age(s) do auto insurance rates fall?

Insurance rates rise and fall throughout a person's driving career, but these rate changes are dependent upon a number of factors. Depending on where you live, the details of your insurance policy and the insurance company who handles your insurance, these rate changes will vary.

Can your employer pay you less than what you actually work without consent?

Not if the employer has an agreement with the employee that specifies compensation. The employer would be in breach of that agreement. Normally you have to acknowledge any changes in compensation in writing.

If you start a new job that offers insurance do you have to sign up if you already have coverage through your spouse?

No...But you should use it to pay your deductible on the 1st insurance policy. Your Benefits manager will explain. Is it free?AnswerIt depends on the company you are going to work for... sometimes all employees are required to be on the company's insurance policy to reduce the costs for the entire group, or company. However, usually you can select " deny coverage" because you are on your spouse's insurance. Another added benefit of doing this is you MAY be able to have the company add to your pay check the amount that they would used to cover the insurance benefits. For example, I waived insurance through my employer, so they added an additional $50 to each pay check (the amount that the company WOULD have used for my insurance benefit). Also consider that if your spouse changes jobs, then that is consider a "change in status" and you can get onto your company's insurance without waiting for an "enrollment period". If your company makes you be on their insurance, then you can keep both insurances and be "double covered", however the primary insurance will be the one through your employer, not your spouse. Hope that is helpful.AnswerIt can also depend on the laws of your state. If an employer plan in CA says that the employer pays 100% of the premium then you can not decline coverage so in this circumstance yes you would have to take the coverage.

Will ObamaCare cover breast augmentation?

The "ObamaCare" health insurance reform bill does not generally provide insurance itself, but requires people to have private insurance among other changes. Insurance will almost certainly not pay for breast augmentation, regardless of the recent changes in law.

Does employer have to notify employee they have been terminated while out on Texas workers comp?

An employer has a duty to inform the employee of an changes to the employment terms. If an employer is out on workers' compensation, and they are terminated, the employer has a duty to communicate that information to the employee and pay that employee any money they have due to them.

Who stands to make the most money if the health care bill would be repealed?

Insurance companies stand to gain if the health care bill is repealed. Some of the biggest changes in the bill regulates these companies, and prohibits them from refusing to pay certain things, or from increasing rates unfairly.