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Q: If an error of over 2 years was discovered in your birth date do you need to notify life and auto and health insurance companies?
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If you are involved in a minor collision and the police respond do they report the accident to the appropriate insurance companies?

No, the police never notify insurance companies of accidents or tickets. It is the responsibility of the insured party to notify their insurance company.

Can your employer cancel your health insurance without your knowledge?

Your employer cannot legally cancel your health insurance without your knowledge. If an employer chooses to cancel your health insurance he or she must notify you.

Does an employer need to notify employees of health insurance changes?

Yes, unless the Insurance Company is doing it.

When a crash results in property damage of any amount who do you notify?

Your respective insurance companies and the police.

Does the insurance company have to notify motor vehicle if you dont have auto insurance?

That will depend on where you live. In Alberta we have private insurance companies and no it is not a part of our job to notify motor vehicles if your policy is cancelled or lapsed. You do need the pink card to renew your registration though.

When a crash results in porperty damages of any amount who must the driver notify?

Police and insurance companies.

If someone gets a ticket while driving another persons car will the owners insurance notify them?

No, the state does not notify insurance companies each time a person gets a ticket. It is up to the insurance companies to periodically get a persons driving record. Surprising to most people insurance companies don't do this all to often. It's expensive so they usually only get your record if you give them a reason to such as file a collision claim.

What is the longest amount of time one has in which to notify insurers of damage?

Whenever damages occur on a home or a vehicle, it is best to notify your insurance company as soon as possible so that they may begin processing your claim. However, life often gets in the way and individuals struggle to notify their insurance companies when there is a need. It is necessary to notify the insurance company before your next billing cycle occurs.

Can an employer drop health insurance after terminating you while on medical leave and not inform you?

They must notify you of your COBRA rights.

Which law requires insurance companies to notify an applicant in writing that an investigative consumer report may be made on him?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act

Can women who have had hysterectomy get health insurance?

Yes, my mother has had one and she is fully covered. There is no reason for them not to cover her unless her employer doesn't offer health insurance or she can not afford it. Those are the main circumstances. One last reason is if her health insurance has dropped her for a previous reason such as she did not notify them of a past medical issue. Hysterectomy is not a reason for no coverage.

Do the police automatically notify the insurance companies if you have a wreck where no one else was involved?

Police never do clerical work to file claims for the public. They are to protect! :)

Do you need to notify private insurance if you go on SSI?

Anytime you have private medical insurance, you are required to notify them of any other medical coverage you have. So, yes, you do need to notify them if you are now covered under SSI medical.

If you were at fault for a minor accident and police report was filed will the insurance companies find out and increase premiums even if both sides agreed not to notify their insurances companies?

I rear ended someone and totaled her car, she was taken to the hospitaland my insurance did not change. I do have a driving record with no other blemishes.

Does motor vehicle notify your car insurance company when you get a speekding ticket and pints?

The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) does not notify your insurance company, however, the information becomes accessible to your insurance company through your MVR (motor vehicle record). Your car insurance company has the right to pull your MVR prior to your car insurance renewal and to give you a higher rate because of this. Not all companies pull MVRs every renewal because it does cost money.

Name 4 provisions seen in health insurance policies?

- the health insurance policy also has a provision about the insurance company's obligation to pay benefits promptly when a claim is submitted. -the claimant has an obligation to notify th insurance company of a loss (injury, illness, or accident) within a certain period of time or the insurer has the right to deny benefits for the loss

What does sr22 insurance?

An SR22 will notify the state if your insurance policy is not in force for some reason.

How do you deal pet insurance company when they commit fraud?

Notify your state department of insurance

If your car insurance gets cancelled what is the penalty for not having insurance on your car?

your insurance co will notify the DMV and then can suspend your license

Should a life insurance company notify funeral home when a claim is filed?

In the UK there is no onus on a life insurance company to notify a funeral director of the existence of a life insurance policy, that is a matter for those handling the deceased's estate.

When does an employer need to notify employees of health insurance deduction increases?

He needs to notify you 60 days in advance, per ERISA. He has the option of notifying you via quarterly newsletter, so long as the newsletter announcing the rate change is sent before the change happens.

How are insurance companies notified of points issued due to a traffic violation in Pennsylvania?

The court will notify your insurance company. After all, you do have to show the officer proof of insurance when you get pulled over. It depends on where your license is from as well - not all states have reciprocity with one another. This goes for moving violations as well.

If you are the policy holder with two cars with separate companies and you have an accident in one car do you have to notify the other insurance company?

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Is the insurance company required to notify you if your employer cancels the company policy thereby cancelling the employee coverage?

No. The Employer must notify you.

Can you drive a new vehicle if your old vehicle insurance with out switching it over?

No. You need to contact your insurance company. they are not all the same. Most insurance companies will give you a short grace period in which to notify them of a vehicle change such as a trade in situation. If it's an additional vehicle you have acquired, there would be no coverage until you have contacted your insurance company.