If an exempt employee has been made to stay till 130am to meet a deadline because of a delay in receipt of prerequisite materials is there any law preventing them being required back at work at 8?

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In a right to work state can an employer legally make an employee work 8 hrs without any breaks?

Answer . \nNo. You are talking about two totally different legalities. “Right to work” refers to state laws that prohibit employees from being required to join a union or pay union dues or fees. Twenty-two states have adopted right-to-work laws, and all employees in a right-to-work sta ( Full Answer )

What is an exempt and non exempt employee?

Exempt employees are 'exempt' from federal overtime rules and regulations, based on specific qualifications put forth by FLSA rules. (Executives, professionals, etc.) Non-Exempt employees are paid by the hour, and are subject to federal overtime rules (time and a half, for all hours worked over 40 i ( Full Answer )

On sims 2 how do you meet the Prerequisites?

How to meet Aliens on the sims 2, How can you meet e'm well I'll tell you... What you do is...Who am i kiding I'm not gonna tell you losers HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL STUPID, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Okay now I'll tell you Ha HAHAHAHAHAH NO I ( Full Answer )

What prevents back flow of fecal material?

The ileocecal valve prevents the back flow of fecal material fromthe colon to the small intestine. The ileocecal valve is positionedat the far end of the small intestine.

Is it legal to track the work hours of exempt employees by requiring them to clock in and out?

Yes. In a March 10, 2006, opinion letter (FLSA 2006-6), the Department of Labor (DOL) confirmed that an employer can require exempt employees to record hours worked without jeopardizing their exempt status. "As the preamble to the final rule explains, an employer may require an exempt employee to do ( Full Answer )

Is there any law in England regarding employment contracts not being made available to the employee until after a three month work trial?

An employer does not have to provide you with a contract at all. But if you are being employed for more than 1 month then you must be provided with a written statement of terms within 2 months. This is just a description of all the terms of your employment such as duties, pay, sick pay, holidays ( Full Answer )

What are the prerequisites for being a donor of blood?

All potential donors must be at least 17 years old or older to give. . All donors at donation must bring a valid picture ID. . Donors must weigh at least 110 pounds. . Potential donors must be feeling well and healthy on the day of donating.

Exempt employee works 30 hours how do you pay?

It depends on how you are set up as far as rules for everyone in the company. Many exempt employees are hired to get the job done, and the hours are not really a critical piece of the puzzle. Most exempt positions have a certain latitude of the hours put in, since many time these people work extra h ( Full Answer )

What are the prerequisites to go to law school?

You need a bachelors degree in any subject matter, and you needto take the LSAT. Typically, a score over 150 is needed to get intolaw school, and a score above 160 will make you competitive forthose well thought of schools preferred by legal employers. Generally speaking, you also need a clean crim ( Full Answer )

If a guy you likes likes you back but he wants to stay friends to prevent any akward feelings what do you do?

I think that if guy really likes u.. there shouldn't be any akward feelings and there should be no problem with atleast trying a realtionship... You never know you could be missing out on a great relationship.. But you also could get into a bad one.. especially if he already is having concerns.. Per ( Full Answer )

Describe the strategies you use for balancing a variety of tasks while working to meet multiple deadlines. How do you prioritize projects that may have conflicting deadlines?

To answer the first question: Assuming the tasks were not all presented at the same time, work on one project at a time to its completion. Prioritize the completion of each task with the focus of mission criticality, meaning "Which task must be completed in order for the company to continue to meet ( Full Answer )

What are some prerequisites of being a doctor?

A doctor must first attend undergraduate school with Pre-Med focus.Then, they must pass a medical school entrance exam called MCAT.After completing medical school, they must be a resident doctor inorder to be fully trained and licensed.

Did Barack Obama pass some new law preventing fathers who owe back child support from being sent to jail?

No. (It's amazing the number of things President Obama is accused of!). Whether a delinquent obligor is sent to jail is up to the judge who's hearing the case. . But, with the financial crisis, states are being left with the choice of jailing true criminals, or ones owing child support. If push com ( Full Answer )

Why was a law made to prevent poaching?

because if poaching was continued, pretty much all the animals on the endangered list would be killed off completely. Poaching is for people who have no life they need to be poached themselves.

Is there any law to get your dog back Got her for Christmas and she was a present but he refuses to give her back because we no longer talk?

If you have any proof of ownership of the animal at all, you could file a report of stolen property with the police. For example; did you license the dog and get dog tags for her - did you take her to the vet and pay any vet bills - etc, ANYTHING that would prove you actually had possession of the a ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to track the work hours of exempt employee?

Certainly. Employers can do anything which is not prohibited by law. While I can TRACK exempt time - and use it as evidence to discipline for attendance problems - I must pay exempt employees for full days: pay for the day or do not, no part days or hourly deductions.

Explain the purpose of meeting work deadlines when using equipment?

Meeting deadlines saves money, cuts costs, and saves time. The importance of meeting deadlines has far-reaching consequences in organizations. Business leaders must calculate the affect of not meeting deadlines on the profitability of a business. [ These calculations must include a panoramic view of ( Full Answer )

Are there any prerequisites needed for an environmental law student?

While not strictly speaking a prerequisite, most law schools in Canada and the US teach a fairly standard set of subjects in first year (contracts, criminal law, property, torts, civil procedure, constitutional law). Beyond that, no prerequisite is required for an introductory environmental law cour ( Full Answer )

About a time where you organized your work effectively in order to meet a deadline?

This type of question is used in a competency based interview. In these interviews the interviewer is looking for evidence of how you have demonstrated the competence at work. Your answer should be structured to give a brief description of the situation, the action you took and the result of the act ( Full Answer )

What are the prerequisites required before you have a back surgery?

The back is an intricate part of our system. Everyone will suffer from back pain at some time or another in their lifetime. For those that have pain for months or even years may decide that surgery is their best option. There is not a "check list" per say as to what you need to do to have surgery, h ( Full Answer )

What law requires employers to provide a safe work environment for all employees?

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 is the US legislation that created OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration), NIOSH (the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), and the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission. The Occupational Safety and Health ( Full Answer )

How do you prevent from being recorded in the meeting room?

A recording jammer will make it. Onlyone is required in a small-size meeting room, and several ones areneeded in a big-size meeting room. It all depends. You'd better use"WD-88II recording jammer" to prevent recording. As a product withthe best effect so far, it can totally disturb mobile phone andd ( Full Answer )