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yes it is true that they can gain permanent resident and a green card and possibly become a u.s. citizen them selves but will have to pay a hefty fine for illegally entering the country. but no jail time will come of it. only a fine.

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Q: If an illegal alien marries a US citizen can they gain permanent residence legally or obtain a green card?
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You are a US citizen military member and you want to marry an illegal immigrant will it help her get her permanent residency if you are in the military?

Regardless if you are in the military or not, once you marry an illegal immigrant with a marriage of a year or longer, they are legally U.S. residence thereafter.

How soon would you get Romanian permanent residency if you marry a Romanian citizen?

After 3 years of legally married with a Romanian citizen, you can apply for a parmanent residence (Romanian Passport).

How can an illegal that lives with an US citizen and has two kids become a legal resident?

by legally marrying that us citizen or print a form from the internet requesting to be a permanent resident

You enter the US legally and married a US citizen can you stay in the US waiting for your residence even if your visa expired?

You can stay legally, if you have started the process for your permanent residency and your application for change if status has been approved by the INS.

Can an illegal immigrant marry a UK citizen in UK and reside legally?

== }���tcan a illegal immigrant marry a UK citizen in the UK and reside legally I've seen the answer no where so I still need to know if is possible for an illegal immigrant living in UK to marry a UK citizen in UK and reside legally?

What happens when a US citizen wants to marry a a non-citizen?

There is nothing illegal for a US citizen to marry a non-citizen. This marriage will entitle the non-citizen to a number of benefits as the US Citizen can sponsor his/her Citizenship. What matters is whether the non-citizen is legally staying in the US.Illegal residence will lead to deportation and rejection of further visa applications of the non- US Citizen.

If an illegal marrys a us citizen does the illegal person hace to go to native country?

An illegal resident can not legally get married in the US. In order to obtain an Marriage License, you must be able to prove that you are either a US citizen or here legally.

How does an illegal immigrant get married to a U.S. citizen?

If the illegal immigrant has, at least, a drivers license, passport, visa, or other identifying documents he or she may legally marry in the majority of U.S. states. He or she is still required to follow the laws of the state in which the marriage will occur. However, the immigrant does not automatically receive permanent residence status (green card) and is still subject to deportation procedures.

What is a naturalize citizen of the US?

A permanent resident that has lived here legally for 5 years. 3 years if married to a US. Citizen.

Can you put child support on a illegal citizen?

Legally, yes. Practically, collecting support from an illegal immigrant might be difficult.

Can an illegal immigrant remain in the us legally?

only if the person marries a US citizen

What is the difference between legal immigrants and naturalized citizens?

An legal immigrant is a immigrant who granted permanent residence (aka greencard holder) to live legally in the United States. A naturalized citizen is an legal immigrant who applies to become a United Citizen after being a legal resident for 5 years. 3 years if they are married to a US Citizen.

If you are a us citizen and you where married once and filled for permanent residency and now you get married again and want to ask for permanent recidency for your spouse can you?

If you are a US Citizen, legally divorced or widowed, you can request permanent residency for your spouse, regardless of how you gained your citizenship.

Do you need to be a US citizen to own a rifle in CA?

A foreign citizen with established permanent residence may purchase and own a firearm in the US. <><><> In addition certain temporary residents of the US may legally purchase a firearm- such as for hunting. However, they must have a hunting license first. This is listed in 18 USC 922- and usually overlooked. Permanent resident aliens (such as my wife) that have a "green card" are treated as a citizen when purchasing firearms.

Is it illegal to buy and sell semi automatic guns?

So long as they're legally possessed, and legal to own both in your state of residence and the state of residence of the person buying them, no.

Can an illegal immigrant marry UK citizen in UK legally?

Yes, according to the new law it is possible

Can a US citizen and illegal alien married couple get a mortgage if the US citizen has great credit and they both have steady jobs?

Only if the US citizen can qualify for a mortgage on his own (using just his credit and income. Illegal aliens can't legally qualify for mortgages. I would suggest the illegal gain legal status.

Can an illegal alien living in the US legally marry a Canadian citizen in the US?

Is the Canadian citizen also an American citizen or holds citizenship. if so then yes if not then. Technically no. This is because neither party holds a current American citizenship. If the Illegal alien was to marry upon Canadian territory then apply for american citizenship or Visa. But other wise legally no. However they should check.

If an immigrant has misdemeanor charges can he be deported?

If he is an illegal immigrant he probably will be. If he is legally in the coutnry he will be afforded the same court privileges as a citizen.

I am an illegal immigrant and want to change my last name to my husband's who is a citizen?

If he is your husband legally you can take on his name when you got married.

How can an illegal foreign national who is pregnant and married to an American citizen become legally documented?

The female was "unlawfully present" in the U.S. when she was married thereby likely disqualifying her as being eligible for permanent residence status even though she is married to a citizen. Foreign nationals who are found to have been living illegally in the U.S. for more than 12 months are subject to deportation and barred from applying for entrance for 10 years. The issue of her being pregnant might possibly help in waiving deportation and other penalties but that is not a certainty. The marriage of a foreign national to a U.S. citizen does not guarantee permanent residence status or citizenship as some believe, it simply changes the status and priority given to the applicant. It would be strongly advisable to obtain legal counsel from an attorney qualified in immigration issues as soon as possible.

Which country can you buy a gun in without being that countries citizen?

Among others, the US. My wife is a British subject that is a permanent resident of the US. She is not a US citizen, but may legally purchase a firearm here. Non- resident aliens may also purchase firearms under certain conditions. ILLEGAL aliens may not.

Can a U.S citizen legally work in Canada?

can you be a U.S. citizen and legally work in Canada?

When marrying a US citizen how long does it take to process your papers and become a resident?

If the marriage is found to be valid it takes a minimum of 6-18 months to obtain permanent residence status (green card). The parties must remain legally married and residing together for three years before the immigrant can apply for US citizenship. Persons who are in the US illegally are not eligible for permanent resident status and citizenship even if they marry a US citizen.

If you marry an illegal alien is the marriage legally recognized in the US?

That isn't the issue. While any marriage will be "recognized", that doesn't mean that someone who broke our laws to get into the country will be able to remain here. The two issues are separate. A U.S. citizen can marry an illegal alien and the marriage if done accordingly to the laws of the state in which it occurs will be legal. However, marrying a citizen does not confer permanent residence status or citizenship nor does it guarantee the person will not face deportation action. The United States Citizenship and Immigrantion Services website provides more specific information.