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If you have adequate funds set aside to retire today or pay your monthly bills without continued income today than no, you don't need to keep it. Keep in mind that the older you get the more likely you will need the protection. Drop it today, get diagnosed with cancer tomorrow. Murphy's Law. Besides, if you opted for the money back rider you will get all your money back did opt for the money back rider didn't you? If it is a toss up between keeping the DI and buying LTCi, then the answer is drop the DI to free up the premiums to pay for the LTCi. 4lifeguild

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Can you receive disability from your job and disability from social security at the same time?

Yes, it is very common for disability insurance plans to include a clause for social security disability, meaning the insurance company will pay a portion of the monthly benefit, expecting that you would apply for social security benefits to pay for the "Supplemental Social Security benefits". In the event you get declined by Social Security, then the insurance company would cover the additional supplemental benefits. Employer group plans as well as individual disability insurance plans can include that clause.

Does humana insurance offer individual plans?

Humana insurance does offer individual plans depending on your insurance needs. The amount and types of coverage varies but individual plans are available.

Can you collect social security while out on short term disability at work?

It is possible, however it depends on the particular Short-Term Disability Insurance policy you have. Your disability benefits booklet should be available from the employer. Some group disability policies integrate with Social Security and if you qualify for Social Security benefits, your disability benefits will be decreased by the amount received from SSDI. Individual Disability Insurance plans can be taken and you have a choice of integration with Social Security (cheaper plans) on non-integrated plans which will pay 100% of benefit if you are disabled, regardless if you are receiving Social Security Disability. These individual plans are portable if you change your job.

Companies that have Disability insurance?

There are plenty of companies that provide disability insurance. Some companies have individual disability insurance plans, some have group disability insurance and some have both. Individual insurance companies: MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, Guardian/ Berkshire, Principal, Ameritas, Assurity, Fidelity Security, Illinois Mutual, and more. Some of the group disability insurance companies: SunLife, Reliance Standard, Kansas City Life, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, Illinois Mutual, Washington National, etc.

Do you have to apply for Social Security Disability when you start getting Long Term Disability from your employer?

Yes, if your disability insurance policy has a benefit that is integrated with social insurance benefits.Most employer paid disability insurance policies are integrated with social security benefits, because of the lower premium they have to pay. Individual disability insurance plans can be purchased with or without social security integration. Benefits that are not integrated with social security benefits will not be affected whether you apply or not for social security disability benefits.

Does there have to be a certain amount of employees to have disability insurance?

There is no minimum requirement to be able to get disability insurance. Individual plans are available for employees or self employed individuals; These plans have the advantage of being portable - you take them with you if you change jobs. Employers may put a disability plan in place on a group basis, which usually does not require any medical underwriting. Employer groups can start from as low as two (2). Employer group disability plans are usually not portable, meaning you lose coverage when you leave the employer.

Is there state administered Short term disability insurance in the state of Ohio?

There is no state mandated short term disability insurance in Ohio. Private plans are readily available.

What do aflac agents do?

They sell supplemental insurance to core company medical and dental plans. Can be specific plans for cancer or Accidental Dismemberment and Disability, Short or Longterm Disability as examples.

Can employer paid disability plans be considered taxable?

Yes, employer paid disability insurance plans are normally paid with pre-tax money, therefore the benefits will be taxed.

How do you compare family health insurance plans online?

Keeping in mind the rising medical costs it is necessary for an individual with family, to buy a family healthcare insurance. Nowadays, it very easy to compare health insurance plans online. Every insurance company has their own plans and different premiums.But one should look for a policy that suits best his/her needs by comparing it.

Where can one find quotes for individual health insurance plans?

One can find quotes for individual health insurance plans from United Healthcare, Aetna, eHealth Insurance, and Humana One. These plans come in various prices and packages to meet one's requirements.

Which worldwide insurance plans does GlobalSurance offer?

GlobalSurance offers a wide variety of worldwide service plans to its customers. Individual plans, group plans, travel plans, as well as teacher plans, are some of the insurance plans offered.

Where can one find out information on an individual health insurance plan?

You can find information on different individual health insurance plans at different insurance companies. You can find general information about health-care plans at the website.

What insurance companies offer travelers insurance for backpackers?

Geico is the top company that offers travelers insurance for backpackers. Geico offers many different plans, from family plans to individual plans. Geico can custom make insurance plans needed for a particular person.

Waiver of premium?

Waiver of premium on a life insurance policy or disability insurance policy means that in case of a disability, the insurance company will waive the premiums and keep the policy in force. This is a layer of added protection in case you can't afford to pay the policy due to loss of income in case of an illness or accident. All disability insurance policies include the waiver of premium at no cost, keeping the policy in force while you are disabled and receiving disability benefits. Life insurance policies have the waiver of premium as a rider which usually cost additional premium to add. Consult a life and disability specialist to help you choose the best plans available to you.

Where can I find individual dental insurance plans?

There are multiple websites that have dental insurance plans listed such as and you can also check with your employer because they may offer cheaper dental plans.

How group insurance plans differ from individual-private plans?

The group insurance plans are ususally NOT portable, which means you can't take them with you if you change jobs. Most group plans do not require proof of medical insurability, while majority of individual plan will require some underwriting.

Where can I get individual dental insurance?

There are several sources for individual dental insurance and plans. I would suggest going with a large company like Aetna

What companies offer cheap individual health insurance plans?

Blue cheild has some affordable plans for individuals.

Where in Ohio can someone go to get a individual dental insurance plan?

One can obtain individual dental insurance plans in Ohio by visiting the 'Anthem' website. One can find further information on the website as well as different plans.

Do employers have to offer disability insurance for employees?

No, employers are not obligated to offer disability insurance to employees, or even offer sick pay to employees. Individual disability insurance plans are available, and discounts are offered if multiple employees get a plan, even if the employer does not pay the premium, but each employee pays for their own policy. Multiple employee discounts vary from 10-45% off, depending on the insurance company, number of employees, gender, long-term or short-term disability policies.For example, an average premium can be as low as $10 per month, for $1000 of monthly benefit. Ask for multiple companies quotes, from an experienced disability insurance independent broker.

Does the state of offer disability insurance?

Five states have mandatory short term disability insurance: CA, HI, NJ, NY, and RI. The other 45 do not have state plans, but you can purchase a private policy through your employer.

Can someone give me some information on commercial automobile insurance?

Most companies that offer individual auto insurance also offer commercial auto insurance. These are insurance plans designed for commercial vehicles. If your friend is happy with his individual auto insurance company, he should ask that company what plans they offer for commercial vehicles.

What products are offered by Columbus insurance?

"The Columbus Insurance agency offers family fraternal benefits, long term plans, and disability income. Permanent plans, long term care and annuities are also offered."

What companies offer disability insurance plans?

AIG, Assurity, Berkshire, Boston Mutual, Guardian, The Hartford, MassMutual, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, Principal, and Union Central all offer disability insurance plans. It is best to investigate each company's coverage and prices to determine which one might be right for you.