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Yes, for an instant.

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Q: If an object is thrown straight up will it stop before coming down?
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When will an object land if it is thrown straight from a building at 5 meters per second?

It depends on the height of the building and also on the direction the object is thrown in (up, down etc.).

Is it true an object that will hit the ground before an object that is thrown horizontally?

yes, i just test right now

What is the best way to analyze an object thrown into the air?

whenever an object is thrown in the air we must know the initial velocity with which the object has been thrown.

Does different speed of two objects effect the time it takes to reach the ground?

If thrown horizontal from same height the faster object will travel farther horizontally, but time to fall is the same. If thrown straight up, the faster object will take longer to fall

Why would a ball thrown in outer space continue to move in a straight line?

This is due to Newtons first law. Because their is no gravity the object will move in a straight line unless a outside force is applied to it. Such as the gravity of a near by planet/object.

What Object that is thrown?

A projectile.

What object exhibit two dimensional?

An object thrown upward at an angle An object that's thrown horizontally off a cliff and allowed to fall

Why does the speed dcreses when an object is thrown vertically up?

whyh does the sped decreases when an object is thrown vertically up

What happens to a ball thrown straight down from a bridge would have acceleration of?

After being released, a ball thrown straight down from a bridge would have an acceleration of

What increases overtime of a thrown object?


True or false an object that is dropped will hit the ground before an object that is thrown horizontally from the same height?

False, provided the drop occurs no sooner than the throw, and the ground is flat .

What do you call an object being thrown?

Though often used to describe a shell fired from an artillery piece, projectile, can also describe a thrown object.