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If the speed is not indicated on the ticket, you can contest it.

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How do you write a sentence using the word citation?

the police officer gave a citation

Can a police officer issue a traffic citation next to establishments that serve alcohol such as bars?

Yes. a officer can issue a citation in any location.

Does a Police Officer have to tell you why he pulled you over?

If the stop results in a criminal charge or citation, yes, the officer must inform you of what you're being cited for. If the stop does not result in a citation or punishment, the officer does not have to inform you.

What if the cop that gave you your citation never signed it or placed his id number on it?

GENERALLY speaking, the officer certifies the citation with his signature. If there is a specific place for the officer's signature and he did not sign the citation, you may want to ask the court to dismiss the citation. The officer may be allowed to re-issue the citation, but it is fairly likely that specific ticket is not valid.

What if a speeding citation is not signed by the officer or the person receiving the citation?

Neither may be required. If the officer's signature is required then the citation may be dismissed. You should contact the court listed on the citation for information .

If an officer does not put a charge on the citation can it be dismissed in court?

it can be discharged

Is a DWAI a misdemeanor?

If by this you mean Driving Without Automobile Insurance, and you received a citation from a Police Officer, then yes, it is. Any time you receive a written citation from a police officer, it is considered a "Misdemeanor"

Can the officer issuing a citation take you to jail if you can not make immediate payment of that citation even before you get the opportunity to enter a plea?


Can a defendant change a citation notice once they have signed it?

The defendant cannot change the citation notice before or after they sign it. The issuing authority (usually officer) completes the citation notice.

What happens if you go to court for traffic tickect and your issuing officer is not there?

If the officer does not appear when required, the citation is usually dismissed. But the officer is not always required.

Does an officer have to issue a citation at the time of the violation or can he mail it to you?

It usually can be mailed.

Which cabinet officer is responsible for carrying out war?

secretery of defense

Can a police officer take keep your license and say they will give me a citation later?


Can an officer give a traffic citation a week after the accident?

Yes, after their investigation they found reason to issue a citation. May also depend on your laws for your state.

Does a police officer have to be present to issue you a citation for you to sign?

No, if he witnesses the violation, he may send the citation in the mail I believe up to 90 days after the violation occurred.

What is qualifies as a citation by a police officer?

When they write you a ticket, but you are not arrested. Examples of this are most traffic violations, i.e. a speeding ticket. More serious crimes will be an arrest, not a citation.

Can you do something if a police officer writes a sexual insult on your citation?

You might be able to take the ticket to court and point this out to the judge or traffic hearing officer.

What is the length of time a police officer has before issuing a citation?

As long as he has you stopped by the side of the road.

You want to know if a police officer charged you too much for not making a complete stop sign?

Contact the court listed on the citation for information. The amount on the citation is set by the court.

Who do you sue when you had an accident with police officer and he got the citation?

You would normally name the police officer (driver) and his employer, e.g. the city or police department where he works.

Are you actually arrested when being issued a criminal citation?

No, you are detained. The officer is required to inform you when you are under arrest.

Can an off duty officer issue a citation in Nebraska?

A State Trooper can. Don't know about PD or Sheriff.

What is the traffic officer clocked the cars at 45mph 37 mph 34 mph and 40 mph what is the average speed?

The average speed is 39 mph.

If an officer doesn't sign the citation and doesn't leave a badge number can the case be dismissed?

== == You will have to attend on the "court date" and try to have it with-drawn, by the prosecutor, on the basis that the citation is "defective" it it's information. He/she may drop it, or may have the officer re-write another charge on the spot. It will be decided on YOUR past driving record, and YOUR attitude towards the officer at the time you were stopped.

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