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He's verbally abusive! He's the type that would take quick peeks at other women with low-cut blouses, etc., yet not want his wife to wear such a thing. After all ... YOU'RE HIS! He sees what you have and he doesn't want any other man getting a good view. As far as women looking sexy, a little goes a long way (e.g.: A slightly low-cut dress, blouse, sweater that just shows a little of the top of your cleavage, but leaves a mystery along with it. Women who "bare their breasts" or are "popping out all over" look cheap, and they don't leave much to the imagination.) While it most certainly will get a male excited, it' only temporary and when he walks away from her (even if they do date) he isn't leaving with too many memories, but big boobs and a big smile on his face. As long as you dress with taste a little cleavage never hurt or showing some leg. It's time to nip this in the bud, and tell him he has no right to tell you what to wear. If you dress in sleezy clothes such as low-cut tank tops, skin-tight pants that show almost everything or too short "short-shorts" or skirts, then he may have a point and you could be embarrassing him. If you're the norm, of course you want to look a little sexy, so do it with taste and tell him he'd better get use to it. Good luck Marcy

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Q: If an overbearing demanding husband requires that his wife wear all shirts turtle necks and blouses tucked in at the waist to meet his standard of neatness how can she handle this situation?
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