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Q: If castor oil doesn't work the first time is it harmful to try it again 48 hours later?
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When Sandy is in the office on the first day of school what item is the nurse missing in the movie grease?

Castor oil

What to do if your Nintendo DS does not turn on?

you first try it again and if it doesnt work your battery must be checked

Castor is a star?

"Castor" is the name that people have given to one of the first magnitude stars visible from the northern Hemisphere, in the constellation of Gemini.

After a a first date you text him and later call him after that how long should you wait to call him again if he doesnt call back?

After first date, if he doesn't reply to your calls and messages, then stop calling again. Maybe he is not interested. If he was busy he will call back, but if he doesn't you have to move on.

What do I do when my friend thinks that i am talking about her behind her back and I'm not?

first, you should tell her that your not, and if she doesnt believe you, then you should wait, or get proof that you haven`t. if that doesnt work, then wait some time and try again. but dont wait too long.

How do you feed a dog in iamfam?

First you buy pet food and click the bowl that should be in your kitchen but if that doesnt work log off and log on then try it again

How does turtwig evolve?

put him in first then switch him out so he doesnt get hurt put him in first then switch him out so he doesnt get hurt put him in first then switch him out so he doesnt get hurt

When Sandy is in the office on the first day of school what item is the nurse missing?

Castor Oil

Can drinking castor oil make you miscarry?

Castorl Oil travels through your digestive system and acts as laxative if digested willproduce no effective side effect on your pregnenecy. First of why take castor oil when you are pregnenet??

Which episode did kagome first you hojo in the feudal era?

Well she doesnt meet him for the first time in one of the episodes. She first meets him in the fourth movie but then she meets up with him again in another episode but I cant remember which one. Hope I could help :)

What if it doesnt work when you try to make a club penguin account?

First you try and log out again. If that doesn't work get on a different user. If that doesn't work. Find a different website.

If you drink castor oil does the dioreah come out uncontrolably?

At first you will have to swallow an adequate dose Castor Oil in order to move the bowels. The Russian Popular Medicine recommends one milliliter Castor Oil per kilogramm of the human weight; e. g. 60 kg corresponds to 60 ml (= 2 oz) Castor Oil. Second: Normally the first evacuations will beginn 2 to 4 hours after having gulped an andequate dose Castor Oil, exceptionally 1 to 6 hours later. Third: Normally the evacuations of the bowels will begin suddenly without any warning; so stay near the bathroom.

Where is the wind temple in Zelda minish cap?

Castor Wilds( First Time ) Falls ( Second time )

Is it harmful to you inflate your belly?

it can be, but if your careful, you'll be fine. if this is your first time inflating, you'll probably not get very big, but then fart the air out and do it again later your skin will get some elasticity and if you work up to it you can get really big!

What do you do when you text a guy you hooked up with and he doesnt text back?

I would advise you to wait. Text him again, he may just have been too busy to reply first time. If he doesn't answer this then ignore him and move on.

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first you go to the fourth step . when you are at the fourth step ,when the fifth step is down make a long jump to the last step (P.S. if it doesnt work try it again)

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a tarantuler is harmful never ever touch its leg or face it contains poison in it bt it is very very harmful.if you want to fight someone first find out if they are scared of them if yes it a helpful thing if no then its not .yes,because they scared that person away and they won't come near that thing again. and then the person will be...

How harmful is it for a female dog to get pregnant in her first heat?

It's not harmful, but it's not suggested either.

How mollusks can be harmful?

ok first of all you mean how can mollusks be harmful and think of invasive species

How do you remove a sour taste in food?

well first off you might want to check the experation date on your eggs and milk if that doesnt help then you most likely made it wrong and should try to make it again

If you did not have morning sickness with your first child can you get morning sickness with your second child?

yes, just because you did not have morning sickness with your first child doesnt mean you wont get it with your second your doctor should be able to give you something to help with the morning sickness that is not harmful to the baby my friend has to take it because she gets morning sickness really bad

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Well in my experience it is always nice to give her something. It doesnt need to break the bank just a box of chocolates or something and she will appreciate you. She will soon soften up after a while.

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You just have to go back and get it again. If it doesn't show up, you can try refreshing your computer, but make sure to save your game first.

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k, first that question doesnt make sense, and second it doesnt mean anything

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