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The decay (Caries) getting on the nerve wont cause a staph infection.


Dirty or improperly sterilized instruments, or bacteria on the hands/gloves of the doctor or assistant can cause cross-contamination resulting in staph infection I would think.

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Q: If decay gets on the nerve when filling a tooth can it cause a staph infection?
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Can you get an ear or sinus infection from a tooth that had a cavity filled?

No. But if the nerve in the filled tooth died after having the filling placed it could cause pain that could mimic a sinus or ear infection. A new filling that is "high" in your bite could also cause sensitivity to biting or cold in a short period of time.

What causes a tooth's nerve to die?

A cracked tooth or a damaged deep filling can cause a tooth's nerve to die. Grinding teeth can also cause nerve damage.

What happens if you don't fill in your cavities?

If you don't get your cavities filled, the decay process will progress, and eventually cause further damage to the tooth. Even if the tooth never feels pain as the nerve dies, there will eventually be discomfort as the dead nerve leads to an infection in the bone, also known as an abscess. A simple filling could have prevented the need for more invasive treatment, such as root canal therapy.

Why do teeth die Is it from not brushing teeth or just from trauma?

When there is nerve damage that isn't from trauma, it is associated with a bacterial infection. Most often this is associated with a large area of decay that approaches or reaches the pulp chamber which houses nerve tissue. Brushing plays an important preventative role in keeping this from happing. If the decay reaches the dentin, which is the layer under the outer white enamel, it is time to have the decay removed and a filling placed to prevent the tooth from dying.

What can go wrong when getting a labret piercing?

Infection is always a risk with any piercing. The lip area has no nerve endings to damage so is risk free there. If the piercing is too low, it can cause gum decay.

Can you repair cavities in your own teeth?

NO,NO,NO. Never attempt to do this. There is decay that can only be removed by a qualified dentist. If you try to do this yourself, you will end up with decay underneath "your" filling that will continue to decay until it reaches the nerve of the tooth. Then only a root canal or an extraction will take care of it.

Had a tooth filled and now your jaw upper part has a lot of pressure and aching is the tooth gone bad?

Go back to the dentist who did the filling to have it checked.The filling might be too high in a spot and the denstist will be able to polish the filling down to be more comfortable.Or the nerve of the tooth might be getting inflamed due to the previous decay.

Do you have to have a root canal before you can cap a tooth?

Not necessarily. It depends on the extent and depth of the decay or fracture. If the decay has reached the nerve of the tooth, a root canal is indicated. If the decay has not reached the nerve, a root canal is not generally required.

Is meningitis a nerve disorder?

NO. Meningitis is an infection of your meninges, the membranes that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. It is usually caused by a virus or bacterial infection. Generally, your body's immune system is able to contain and defeat these infections. However, when an infection gets into your bloodstream, it can make its way to your brain's membranes and cause inflammation. This swelling can harm or destroy nerve cells and cause bleeding in the brain.

Why meningitis child has kernig?

because of the progression of the infection which it can infect the nerve at the back of the neck and cause it to spasm and result in regidity.

Can a severe sinus infection cause numbness to the face?

Yes, if there is enough pressure in the sinuses it can impinge on the facial or trigeminal nerve and cause numbness in the face. However, this would be a very severe sinus infection and any numbness in the face should be reported to your doctor immediately to help prevent permanent nerve damage.

What happens if you leave cavities?

Cavity's are are evaluated in 3 stages.1. Decay of the Enamel - This stage is not felt. A visual inspection of the tooth is the only way to detect this stage. The fix, a small filling. Prevention, a thin layer of filling material on tooth to protect enamel. Cleanings every 6 months to year.----2. Decay of Dentin - At this stage the tooth can become sensitive to hot cold. Food impacted in the tooth can also cause pain as well. The fix, is a barrier lay over the dentin to protect the dentin and replace lost tooth surface with filling material. Prevention, See dentist on stage 1. Go for cleanings every 6 months to year. ----3. Infiltration of the Pulpa or Nerve. This is the stage where it can keep you up at night. The nerve develops an infection which will cause severe pain. The fix for this is, rehabilitation, with a Root Canal to clean disinfect and seal the root. Then re- construction, with a Post to reinforce the tooth and to replace lost tooth surface so a Crown can be mounted on. Prevention, See dentist on stage two.---- WarningTry not to fill teeth with silver amalgams. This type of filling material is thought to be a health risk because of the use of mercury And they have many disadvantages, main one being the removal of more health tooth to retain this type of filling and the filtration of things around and under the filling leading to stage three of tooth decay. Opt for white resin resin fillings. this type of fillings have many advantages. Main one being no mercury, the filling is bonded at a molecular level where as a silver filling is a mecanicaly retained. This prevents filtration under or around the filling.

Can the mandibular nerve cause bells palsy?

No; Bell's Palsy is a viral infection caused by the herpes virus during an immuno-compromised condition.

Are crowned teeth more likly to have abcsesses than teeth that have had no cavities?

Yes they are. First of all, teeth that need crowns have either 1) had a lot of or deep decay 2) been traumtized in an accident or been broken off accidently. The decay or trauma causes an inflammation to the nerve, which then can cause the tooth to die or an infection that results in an abcess. (It is like hitting your thumb with a hammer - it gets red and throbs because blood rushes to the injury. The same happens to a tooth, but the bloodflow is so much less that it stays in the nerve canal and kinds of cuts off the good blood flow) Sometimes if a crown is placed on a tooth simply for cosmetic reasons, the preparation of the tooth by drilling can cause enough trauma to cause the nerve to die.

Do you have to have a root canal if the tooth dies?

Yes. If the nerve inside of a tooth dies, it is prone to infection (if not infected already). Root canal treatment should prevent or resolve this infection. A tooth may die for various reasons such as: decay, trauma, extensive wear/grinding/abrasion.

Had a filling on my tooth within a week was in agony To the dentists again and given antibiotics. They did'nt work but after a week the pain went and I had an abscess under the filled tooth reason?

The clinical decay did not reach the nerve of the tooth, but the bacterial that caused the cavity in the first place got to your nerve, creating an infection. When a Dentist opens up a tooth and removes decay, he/she needs to make a determination as to whether or not hte bacteria are alrady in there or not. Usually they will tend to be conservative,put medicine under the filling, and see what happens. IF it flares up like you described, it needs a root canal or to be pulled after a course of appropriate antibiotics to quiet the infection down. Youe body is not like a car where you can take it to a mechanic and after a few hours they've replaced the defective parts and it's good as new. All dentists and any other doctors can do is to repair damage and guide your bofy to heal it self the rest of the way.

What can you do if your dentist didn't finish your root canal?

Have it done as soon as possible. Any leftover nerve tissue may become calcified over time and cause future complications with the treatment. Any leftover bacteria will cause infection in the tooth and jaw. i had a partial root canal and had a temporary filling put in it. i waited three months before getting it finished, although you should have it done as soon as you can

Lap Band fill cause Vagus nerve damage?

The vagus nerve is located in the arm of a human. The lap band fill procedure can cause nerve damage to this nerve.

Symptoms of nerve infection in tooth?

It hurts like a Bxtch

What causes sensory nerve damage?

Leprosy is most common treatable infection, which causes sensory nerve damage.

What did dentist do for people do for problems for their teeth?

they dictate the type of tooth decay e.g periodental decay by observing the nerve destruction.tooth decay is easily caused by fermented sugar in the mouth which turn into acid and invade the gums

Can the vagus nerve cause a seizure?

What nerve would cause a person to pass out after drinking something ice cold

What would be the cause of a large swollen area on the hard palate?

the nerve. infection of a tooth/nerve, but sometimes just temporary. there is not too much fat/meat/tissue on the bones on the hard palate therefore every small swelling feels enormous.

Does pressure on the root nerve cause pain?

Pressure on the nerve root can definitely cause pain and it may also cause sensory and/or motor deficits.

Can a pinched nerve cause a stroke?

d test for pinched nerve not pinched finger numb