Staph Infections

The gram positive bacterias, staphylococcus, is responsible for many types of bacterial infections in both humans and animals. There are many varieties of staphylococcus, and many are resistant to medications.

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Staph Infections

Can you get a staph infection after having a root canal?

Root canal therapy is used to prevent or to remove an existing infection, and not cause a new infection to happen.

If a root canal was done under sterile conditions, by reputed dentist or endodontist, there should be very low risks, practically none, or getting a staph infection or an infection of any kind.

I have a staph infection from my root canal. I have been dealing with this for two months now. I have been on 11 different courses of antibiotics, as well as IV antibiotic treatments in the hospital, to no avail. The infection has spread up my face and down my neck and is affecting both of my tonsils. No one seems to know what to do, and I am getting nervous. It's been a long, painful ordeal, with no end in sight. Here are more answers from other FAQ Farmers: * I got a staph infection from a root canal and almost died. * I had a root canal about 9 months ago and now I have an infected left tonsil with a huge painful hole in it, ulcer. I am going tomorrow to get a CT scan for my severe headaches, throat pain and fevers that have been happening to me. My doctor thinks I have some type of abscess in my tonsil or in a nerve (possibly in the nerve from the root canal) as the ulcer in my tonsil is on the same side of the tooth which the root canal was done. I feel that the abscess will be from the root canal because after it was done, is when my tonsil problem started. I would just have pulled the tooth if I would have known this could happen. * You can get a staph infection from picking your nose, so it's very possible to get a staph infection from any invasive procedure to your body, whether it be minimally invasive (root canal, laproscopy, in-grown toe nail removal) or fully invasive (C-section, open heart surgery, etc.). * I am sure any kind of dental work promotes misery. While my toddler had pink eye and I had a sore throat, likely caused by the same bacteria, I had my teeth cleaned. Nothing compared to a root canal but it was enough to turn my tonsils, sinus and lungs into a nightmare for four months. A strep ifection, not as bad as staph but I still wonder if all this dental cleaning business is actually good for us. Maybe it is not the dental bacteria that causes heart attacks as they say but the fact that we are scraping this bacteria off and get it into the blood stream.

Staph Infections

Can a human get staph infection from a human bite?

Apparently so. My breastfeeding baby bit me and broke the skin. It wasn't healing and so my doctor took a culture and it came back positive for staph. I suppose it might not have been a full blown staph infection but it was red and swollen and sore and so I suspect there was at least an infected area where staph bacteria were present.

Staph Infections

Can you sue a hospital for staph infection?

Yes, if you can show the hospital or its staff were negligent in taking reasonable precautions to prevent the infection. You would also have to show that the infection was acquired at the hospital, or as a result of something the hospital had done or failed to do.

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Staph Infections

How do you know if you have chickenpox and boils and what is the difference?

i asked this question and i know now:

  • chickenpox only happens once; boils can happen a lot of times
  • boils grow in size; chickenpox grows too but not in size it increases numbers
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Staph Infections

What is a skin boil?

It is a red, pus-filled lumps that are warm and tender to the touch. It is caused by the inflammation of hair follicles. Yellow or white dots are seen in the center of the lumps which are ready to discharge the pus inside them

That is so gross

Staph Infections

Can you get a staph infection from a routine dental cleaning?

I would say it is very, very rare. But anything can happen, I guess. Instruments are sterilized after every patient and kept in the package they were sterilized in until just before the patient is seated. To get any sort of infection from a dental office would be very rare. And the staph infection probably came from an outside source and got into the mouth, not from the instruments or dental office. That is my opinion. Causing death; I have no idea how long it would take between contacting staph and dying from it. That would be something you probably need to talk to your doctor about.

Staph Infections

Can you get staph infection from mosquito bites?

yes any open cut

Staph Infections

Can Hidradenitis contain staph infection?

Yes it can but generally swabs taken from HS drainage come back negative to any infection.

Staph Infections

What is the incubation period for staph infections?

Staph is one of the "opportunistic" bacteria, meaning that it is always present on your skin, but can turn into an infection when you get a cut. Sometimes it just finds it's way into a pore and turns into a pimple or boil. Whether or not you get an infection is determined by many factors, one being the condition of your immune system, another being the number of the little critters that get in. Once you get a staph infection you might just as well go to the doctor and get some antibiotics, otherwise it might take a long time to get better and you might just have complications if you don't get medical attention.

Staph Infections

Can humans get staph infection from horse?

Sounds like it is possible. Please see the article pasted below:

Good Hygiene Blocks Horse-Human MRSA Transmission

Equine health specialists are urging horse owners and others who come in frequent contact with horses to wash their hands and clean grooming tools after each use in order to reduce the risk of contracting an antibiotic-resistant strain of Staphylococcus aureus known as MRSA (methicillin-resistant S. aureus). The pathogen--blamed for the recent deaths of two boys--frequently resides in the nasal passages, skin, and intestines of horses. It can be transmitted from horses to humans and vice versa via direct contact or through contact with contaminated grooming or other tools.
"Probably the most important method for transmission from horses to humans or humans to horses is via hand contamination," said Paul Morley, DVM, PhD, director of biosecurity for the James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University. "The most important method of preventing transmission includes washing hands before and after contacting different horses and before you eat, or touch your face."
Morley also recommended using disposable gloves when working with wounded horses that could be infected with MRSA.
The recommendations come in the wake of two highly publicized MRSA-connected deaths--one of a New York City seventh grader on Oct. 25 and the other a Virginia teenager on Oct. 16. Also known as a Staph infection, the prevalence of MRSA was highlighted in an Oct. 17 report appearing in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which estimated that 94,360 MRSA cases occurred in the United States in 2005.
The annual incidence of equine MRSA is harder to tally, said Morley, because data on equine infection outside the clinical setting is not available, and because most infected horses--and their human counterparts--frequently show no clinical signs of the disease. Signs include wound redness, pain, swelling, heat, and drainage. Veterinarians, farriers, and others with frequent contact with numerous horses, and immunocompromised horsekeepers are at highest risk of horse-to-human MRSA transmission, he said. To encourage MRSA awareness among its members, the American Veterinary Medical Association is formulating a fact sheet outlining risk and prevention protocols, said Michael San Filippo, the group's spokesman. __________________
"Experienced riders are not prone to brag. And usually newcomers, if they
start out being boastful, end up modest."

C.J.J. Mullen

Staph Infections

Do dogs and cats carry staph infection germs?

We all have staph!Yes dogs and cats have staph living on their skin... But so do all humans. Staph is a normally occurring bacteria. The problem is when it is introduced into a wound or begins growing in an area that is weakened because of a cut or disease. A staph infection is a colony of staph bacteria that is not being killed by our normal immune system.


Yes, everyone/animal does. If the body's immune system is down and exposure turns into an infection, (strept throat is easily cured with a gargle of 1/8 tsp of cayenne - MRSA with turmeric/baking soda paste with a turmeric capsule taken internally as a kicker), herbal products will not mess up the body's natural flora like antibiotics will.

Staph Infections

Can you get a staph infection from kissing someone who has a staph infection on their tonsils?

a palin and simple answer for you, NO.

Staph Infections

Can you get a staph infection from being tattooed and does the tattoo process cause it or is it something in or on your skin?

Staph is a bacterial that sits harmlessly on your skin. If you puncture the skin, it may enter the wound and become an infection. So you could've developed the infection from the punctures of the needle in the tattoo process. It is possible that the original bacteria was on your skin, but it could've also come from the hands of the tattoo artist. staph from tattooo is very rare...but wats more common is hepatitis C...very dangerous oncogenic be sure u get tattooed in a proper place.

Staph Infections

Can you take doxycycline to treat a nasal staph infection?


Staph Infections

If decay gets on the nerve when filling a tooth can it cause a staph infection?

The decay (Caries) getting on the nerve wont cause a staph infection.


Dirty or improperly sterilized instruments, or bacteria on the hands/gloves of the doctor or assistant can cause cross-contamination resulting in staph infection I would think.

Staph Infections

Does a dermatologist treat staph infection?

A dermatologist or general practitioner can write you a prescription for medicine to treat a staph infection. This is commonly a simple topical gel called bactroban which kills bacteria such as staph.

Staph Infections

How do you get staph infection and what does it look like?

I believe it's almost like mono only the difference is you can die of staph infection. People can get it through not washing their hands or sharing drinks

some forms of it can start off looking like a really big boil and it spreads usually and gets infected and if you ignore it and the staph gets into your blood stream and infects your heart and brain, you could possibly have to have a medication port that goes straight into your heart to make sure the anti-biotic can get to your whole body. plus the crap is contagious. If you think that you have a staph infection you need to go to the DOCTOR . Not all staph looks like that though. it can start off in a lot of different ways. It can actually kill you, in the worst cases.

i have had this twice in the past 2 months, and both times it started out feeling like a little rock under the skin. the first time i didnt know what it was so i let it go til it got the size of a golf ball and had to get it cut open and drained. got it from a hospital.

the second time started as a rock again and i IMMEDIATELY went to the doctor . most pain I've ever been in

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Staph Infections

What is a staph bacterium?

A Staph infection is a symptom normally associated with surgery. It is a medical complication that comes from several different problems. Staph is not a virus; it is the common name for the bacterium officially known as Staphylococcus aureus. It is a very common bacterium that lives on skin normally and only becomes a problem if it enters the skin. It (as well as strep) is very common in wound infections; Staph is also found in boils, some food poisoning, some types of pneumonia, toxic shock syndrome, mastitis, endocarditis, infection of the hair follicles (folliculitis) to name a few. Hope this helps! Dr. B.

Staph Infections

Can you get staph infection from kissing him when the infection is no where near his mouth?


Staph Infections

Will you get a staph infection if you touch someone with the infection?

Most people have staph infection without realizing it, only the infection isn't bad. Staph gets into your skin by cuts. So yes, you will get staph infection (most likely) if you touch someone with the infection.

Staph Infections

Can humans get staph infection from dogs?

No and yes. Viruses no, bacteria and some parasites yes. There are some zoonic diseases that can pass from people to animals, but they are severe illnesses. Like avian influenza etc. Things like ringworm, humans can pass to an animal. If you are sick with a viral infection, its highly unlikely that its a zoonic virus.

Parasites. Some parasites, coccidia for one, can pass from humans to dogs, and vice versa. You'd have to have direct contact with feces, and then some opening on your body to pass them. From Scott: That's not a great answer. The question was specifically about staph infections. A staph (pronounced STAFF) infection is not caused by a virus. It is caused by a bacteria called staphylocaccus aureus which is carried by about 25% of humans. Infection can result from contact with unwashed surfaces where feces are present. Symptoms can include fever and rash, but once this bacteria takes hold in the body there is a good chance that the most obvious symptom will be a boil (furuncle). These may clear up on their own or may be treated with hot compresses to relieve swelling and facilitate healing, or may require surgical incision (lancing) to relieve the pressure. Most often, treatment will require anti-biotics (penicillin or sulfa) to rid the body of the infection completely.

Avian influenza (bird flu) has absolutely nothing to do with this topic. In fact, to bring it into the discussion is not only irrelevant, but is nothing short of irresponsible fear-mongering.

Most places likely for your dog to get staff is from Kennels, Dog Parks, Grooming businesses/kennels. The reason being: Many dogs are sheltered in a closed environment and if not cleaned properly, the staff infection lodges onto the coat or if your dog has a small cut or scrape it will manifest there until someone or something else comes in contact with it. Dogs are also known to always be licking to which the virus can be also passed on.

Staph Infections

What are the side effects of a staph infection in a puppy that is 2 weeks old?

take it to the vet it could die

Staph Infections

How are staph infections related to dentistry?

The mouth has a lot of bacteria and could begin bleeding. Therefore if staph is in your mouth it can go in to your system.

Staph Infections

What is the prognosis for staph infections?

Most healthy people who develop staph infections recover fully within a short time. Others develop repeated infections. Some become seriously ill, requiring long-term therapy or emergency care. A small percentage die.

Staph Infections

Can you spread staph infection in public swimming pools?

Students can prevent the further spread of the disease by practicing good hygiene, maintaining a clean environment, covering wounds and properly disposing of used bandages. They should also avoid contact with the infected skin of others, not share food, drinks or personal care items, or visit public bathing facilities, such as saunas, hot tubs and swimming pools.


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