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Hypertension is chronic high blood pressure. It is a major health problem, especially because it has no symptoms. For diagnostic purposes, blood pressure is considered high when persistently above 140/90 mm|Hg.

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What is coitus headache?

The headaches usually have an immediate onset. coitus is a rare type of severe headache that occurs at the base of the skull before orgasm during sexual activity, including masturbation. These headaches typically last for a few minutes to a few hours and although it is possible for such headaches to last up to a few days. ...
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What if your blood pressure is 103 68 is this ok?

That's pretty good - anything between 90/60 and 120/80 is ideal. Check this if you're worried: blood pressure of 103/68 is normal but it is on the lower side,an ideal bp is 120/80 mm Hg as stated above and below that points toward hypotension,above 140/90 mm Hg is called hypertension,there are several stages of hypertension like prehypertension,stage 1 and stage 2 hypertension,you can visit this site for more information. ...
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Why do arteries not break when blood enters under high pressure?

The Bernoulli Principle which in a nutshell states says faster moving fluids have less pressure so as blood enters the arterie it speeds up reducing its pressure and when it leaves to a bigger blood vessel it slows down again and its presure increases. Also the arterie itself can expand slightly to accomodate higher pressures. ...
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Can a skinny person get high blood pressure?

Yes, any one can get high blood pressure, obesity is just one way to have high blood pressure start younger rather than older. Some people are predisposed to high blood pressure and they can develop the silent killer with no other risk factors beyond other family members having the same trouble. ...
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What is the purpose of muscle relaxant drugs?

Skeletal muscle relaxants may be used for relief of spasticity in neuromuscular diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, as well as for spinal cord injury and stroke. They may also be used for pain relief in minor strain injuries. ...
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Does menthol cause high blood pressure?

Everyone is different and certain people's bodies react to different things in different ways. It is possible it may cause high blood pressure depending on how your body reacts. If you are asking about menthol in cigarettes, then the effect of the tobacco, nicotine, and other chemicals in cigarettes are proven to cause hypertension (high blood pressure) and other serious health problems. ...
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What is the diet for a comatose patient?

I imagine it's a solution given intravenously. Unless I'm mistaken, those in a coma cannot take food by mouth. ...
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Are Rheumatoid Arthritis and hypertension related?

Yes there are relationships between RA and hypertension. For more information on this go to the related link below (RA and hypertension) ...
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What is the ideal blood pressure?

Your ideal blood pressure should be 120/80 or lower. The traditional threshold for "high blood pressure" has been 140/90mm Hg, however recent research shows that even blood pressure readings close to this value present significantly elevated risks. The Framingham Heart Study (largest in the world) showed men with "high-normal" readings of 130-39/85-89 had a 150% increase in heart disease over a ten year period, and for women it was a 60% increase. Many doctors now refer to the range of 120-39/81-89 as "pre-hypertension". For...
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What happens when your high blood pressure goes up?

you get a heart attack or mini heart attack or mini stroke
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What can happen if you take two blood pressure pills in one day by mistake?

I took 2 blood pressure pills mistakenly after taking one this morning what should I do ...
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What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?

There are several symptoms of high blood pressure. The symptoms are sweating, problems with sleeping, feeling nervous, etc. Severe headaches and anxiety are also symptoms. ...
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What is an anurisim?

It's an aneruysm. Jesus.
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What causes inner thigh rashes?

Sweat rash can be a cause. Use talcum powder between your thighs on hot or humid days. Obese individuals are more inclined to develop rash due to increased friction along the folds of skin. Reducing weight can alleviate rash along with several other health benefits. Wearing proper fitting undergarments can also stop this, (for males) when your boxers or other undergarments, or even pants and shorts dont fit right the stitching of the inside crotch seam rub and also cause rash. Jock itch can...
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What causes hypertension?

The vast majority of cases are unknown, this is known as "essential hypertension". High blood pressure can be made worse by stress and emotional tension. There are many other causes, including kidney causes (intrinsic disease vs vascular), hormonal (such as cushing's syndrome, a phaechromocytoma (adrenaline producing tumour), conn's syndrome, acromegaly and high parathyroid hormone levels). Other causes include pregnancy, coarctation of the aorta, and medicines given to you, such as steroids, certain antidepressants (MAOIs) and even the oral contraceptive pill can raise your BP. If...
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What are the nursing interventions for patients with hypertension?

Some nursing interventions for HTN change diet(DASH) cut out sodium, atleast exercise for 1/2hour each day ...
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Is 213 over 65 okay for blood pressure .?

That is quite high. I would refer you to your primary care physician.
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How much sodium should a person have daily?

The American Heart Association recommends that adults who are healthy take in no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium a day. My doctor also told me that an individual would get by fine with a minimum of 250 - 500 mg per day. The lower you can keep it the better! ...
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Can blood pressure cause a paralysis?

yes it can. If high blood pressure is left untreated, it can cause paralysis, loss of bodily function and motor skills are the result. ...
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What is a medium size bump on the side of the head behind the hair that is hard and hurts when you touch it?

hello,first of all does the bump you have,have any color ?i have 2 bumps on top of my head for years they have no color to it and they dont hurt ,sometimes i had another bump which hurted and turned out to be a insekt should keep an eye on it and let someone take a look if its in a different color then your scalp,if it stays same for 5 days go see a doctor. good luck Sounds to...
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Can swimming an hour a day in a salt-treated pool cause high blood pressure?

I am not so sure. I have found that swimming in the sea definitley raises my blood pressure. The older you get, the more you notice this. Not likely. If your assumption is that the salt in the pool water is causing high blood pressure (like a high salt diet), then the answer is definitely, no. The amount of salt in a saltwater treated pool is very low (around 0.5%, which is one-half of one-percent). This concentration of salt is about half as much...
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Can taking lexapro cause high blood pressure?

My son died July of 2007. I was prescribed Lexapro 10mg by my physician. The first night I took a pill, I could not sleep and my blood pressure was elevated. I called my doctor and he tried to say that it was not the Lexapro but as soon as I stopped taking it my pressure went back to normal. Please know that I have had high blood pressure for 10 years and am well aware of when there is suddenly...