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Workmen's Comp. is an insurance plan carried by employers and funded through their premiums, and is exclusive of employee involvement. There is no provision for employee contribution to the payment of these premiums. If a worker is injured and made subject to the terms of what's provided through Workmen's Comp, then that may be viewed largely in the same way as any other type of insurance involvement by the employee, in the broader sense. That means that if an employee pays for procedures normally covered under the plan, by choice, the plan is not necessarily under obligation to consider itself bound to reimburse the employee for that. The plan will pay for what the plan is obligated to pay, under the terms and provisions of the plan; and, should part of that debt be eliminated by someone else, then it plainly no longer exists as a debt or obligation. These insurance matters are customarily negotiated and administrated through channels not accessible by the employee. If a claim is made by a doctor which stipulates that an injury was covered under Workmen's Comp, then either the plan will, or will not, pay for the services the doctor performs; and, this is not in any way affected by anything the employee may provide from their own resources, unless such provision serves to eliminate the debt, which nullifies the need for a claim to be filed.

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Q: If empoyee pays part of the workman comp is there any benefit to the employee?
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Does workman's comp pay if I am on vacation?

according to california workman comp can an employee use his vac pay while out on Workman comp

If i have no employee's do i need workman's comp?


Do you have to carry workman's comp on immediate family?

No! Workman's comp is generally only for the working employee and not the rest of the family members.

Can your employer charge a 1099 employee for workmans comp?

An employer should not charge a 1099 employee for workman's comp. If you get a 1099 you are not in an employer, employee relationship You are an independent contractor.

If an employee is injured but not on the clock does workman's comp or liability insurance cover it?

Yes, but the State will start an investigation as to why the employee was not on the books.

If an employee is injured at work as the result of fist-fighting with another employee can he receive workman's comp?

Only if fist-fighting is one of the injured employee's job duties.

When an employee falls in the parking lot coming into work is it workmans comp?

Yes it is a workmans comp if he was scheduled to come in or he had an appointment. Massachusetts Yes it is a workmans comp if he was scheduled to come in or he had an appointment. Massachusetts Answer #2 You better check with workman's comp. I know of a case where a fellow employee fell in the bathroom at work and was denied payments because it was not considered "work related". In this particular case, the company turned it in as workman's comp but it was refused.

If an employee is injured traveling home from work but not on the clock does workman's comp or liability insurance cover it?

yes i think they will

Can the state dot make you take a drug test if on workman's comp?

I would assume so as you are still their employee.

Can an employee who has left his job be made to cover cost of the worker comp package?

No. The premiums of Workman's Compensation insurance are paid by the employer. The employee is not liable for that cost.

Employee returning from workman comp do they have to receive the same pay and job title?

Yes, provided it was not an EXTENDED leave of absence.

Workman's comp in Michigan?

What about work comp in Michigan?