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Answer Definately. I say once a cheater always a cheater so the best thing you can do is confront him and see what he says. Probably he will deny it, but if you feel he is cheating on you, dump him, he's not worth your time, energy or love.

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Your boyfriend told you he cheated on you because you told him you were but really you were not cheating on him what should you believe is he reallly cheating on you?


If your boyfriend is really sorry he cheated on you should you forgive him?

If you believe your boyfriend has never cheated before then realize people are just human and make mistakes which hopefully they learn from and if you feel he is honest then give him another chance, but make it plain to him if you catch him cheating again your relationship is over.

What do you do if you are a female and you find out that your boyfriend cheated on you with another male?

What would you do if you found out your boyfriend cheated on you with another girl? Why is there any difference? Why should the reactions (or actions) be different from any other person cheating on another just because it's a guy cheating on his "girl" with another guy? No matter who he cheated with, another girl, a guy, it's still cheating and should be treated the same. The next decision is up to you.

What should you do if your boyfriend thinks your cheating when you are not?

* Jealousy has no place in a loving relationship and trust and good communication skills is a must. If you always have to prove to him you aren't cheating then your relationship will surely fail. Communicate with him and ask him why he feels you are cheating when you are not. It's possible he has been cheated on before or perhaps even one of his parents cheated and he is paranoid over this. If he is not willing to discuss this problem and resolve it with you then it would be to your best interest to break off the relationship.

What if you felt bad for stop seeing you girlfriend cause you was cheating on her?

if you cheated on her you really should stop seeing her boy

If your boyfriend cheated on his wife in the past and now constantly looks at other girls and has cheated on exes in the past?

It is clear he must have a cheating problem so you should leave him alone

How to ask her if she cheated?

Just say that since your a couple you should be honest if you cheated or something then tell her that if you did you can tell me but never say or accuse them of it they will break up with you if they didn't and you accused them of cheating

What do you do if you cheated but you don't know if you want to stay and work it out or not?

* You should breakup with him. * Cheating is cheap and underhanded! It not only hurts your mate (they will find out eventually) but, lowers your own self respect. It's better to be honest with your mate and think of someone besides yourself! You cheated so you are not content in the relationship so have the guts to tell your mate and set him/her free! You should have done this before you cheated on him!

How do you dump a cheater?

Well if you definitely know they've been cheating. Just dump them! If they've cheated on you and you want to dump them you don't have to be kind or anything. They've cheated, so why should you be kind?

Your girlfriend cheated on you She said she was drunk and that she was really sorry you love each other so much Should you break up with her for cheating on you?

If she really loved you, she would not have cheated on you, plain and simple, drunk or not.

Is it right for your boyfriend to cheat on if you have cheated on him?

We both know cheating is wrong. If you cheated you probably aren't right for each other and clearly should break up. If your relationship doesn't have honesty and respect what does it have!?!

Has my husband cheated on me again?

Once a spouse has cheated it is difficult for the other spouse to trust them again. Often some people who cheat will cheat again. Communication skills are important and you should feel free to ask him if he is cheating again. Most likely he will not tell you the truth, but this gives you the opportunity that you have learned from before the signs of cheating and if you catch him cheating again then it's the end of the marriage.

How do I know if my partner is cheating?

It depends on how well you know your partner. If you know them well, it is easy for you to know that they are cheating you. The slightest change in their behavior simply warns you that there is something wrong. This can serve as a sure hint that you have been cheated or you are going to be cheated. And everyone should know their partner well.

How do i know he doesnt believe the rumors of me cheating on him?

He will tell you or dump you if he does believe you and you should talk to him. You should also stop flirting(if you are)

Should I believe my boyfriend when he told a girl he loved her to get rid of her and that he was scared because she acted psychotic and he had to carry on the relationship for two months more?

* No, you should not believe your boyfriend. If he was telling the truth and told the girl he loved her then why would she become psychotic? He has been cheating on you and you either caught him cheating or someone else told you and he was simply caught cheating. He isn't much of a man when he would lie about the girl being psychotic. The truth of the matter is he cheated, you know, he is blaming the girl. Get rid of him!

What to do when your ex wants you back but cheated on you last time?

I believe you should say no am i right?

What dud Machiavelli believe leaders should do?

do the work and quit cheating

Your boyfriend told you that he cheated on you when you were only4 days together What should you do?

He should have told you right away cheating is cheating no matter how long the relation ship has been whether it be 4days or 4years. So dump him like tomorrows trash.

If a woman asks you if you have ever cheated Should you answer Yes and risk the possibilty of losing her?

* What you have done before you met this woman is private just as her life is private to her. However, if you have a problem with cheating then you should be honest with her. Tell her that what happens in both of your pasts is of no consequence now and you should move forward. If she has had a problem with a former man in her life that has cheated on her then yes, take the risk and be honest with her, but explain why you did it and when you did it.

I just found out my girlfriend cheated on me what should I do?

* Be very sure that someone is not starting trouble for you and girlfriend before you accuse her of cheating. If she has then she has broken that bond of trust you both had and you have two choices: You can realize that people are only human and makes mistakes and forgive her or, you may feel she has cheated more than once and in this case you should break up with her and move on.

Your narcissist partner says he hasent cheated on you but you think he has what should you believe?

To believe in him requires you to trust with your heart. But if in your heart you believe otherwise, follow your instinct.

You have been dating the guy for seven years and he claims that hes never cheated but you saw a name on his cell phone that you have never seen before and he claims its his cousin should you believe h?

Yes, you should believe him. Even if it turns out that he has no cousins, trust him. There are other reasons for a guy to hide something. If all else fails, get the number and CALL the girl. She knows everything, and if he is cheating on you with her, she will be jealous of you, and tell the truth to crush your feelings.

Should you tell your girlfiend you cheated her?

Yes, before you act guilty and she suspects you

Should you meet the woman your boyfriend cheated on you with?

No, it is not a good idea to meet the woman your boyfriend cheated with. It is your boyfriend who either instigated cheating or he was talked into dating by the other girl and he could have formed the word 'no' and this makes him 100% responsible for cheating on you. Let your boyfriend know you do not put up with cheating and refuse to share any boyfriend with another woman. If he doesn't take the hint then get rid of him.

What should you do if you have a boyfriend whom you thought was cheating and one night you got drunk and cheated on him and then found out that he never cheated on you?

Obviously there is something about this person that makes you feel like he's not trustworthy and he's been cheating. I wonder what makes you finally believe that this person wasn't cheating? I would suggest examaning your relationship with him. Is this a person that you feel that you can trust with your life? After all, a cheating partner is jepordizing your health/life. Something inside of you indicates that you shouldn't be so trusting of him. Either that or you have a trust issue that you might seek counseling for so that you have healthy relationships in the future. Trust is an important issue in a healthy relationship.