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If husband does not have enough interest in sex is it wrong to fulfil your desire elsewhere?


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November 07, 2007 6:28AM

In my opinion, yes. Marriage does involve committment which means sticking with the other person even when they don't 100 percent live up to expectations. Some men lack interest due to some sort of medical condition. This can range from a deficiency in certain hormones, vitamins or even from depression - none of which are the man's fault. Rather, it would be far better to solve the underlying problem. Be tactful, though, and caring in how you go about it as guys aren't overly fond of admitting to masculinity problems! You could ask his or your doctor how to approach the issue.

The other cause could well be problems in you own relationship apart from the physical one. Seek to heal the relationship - find a counselor who will work with you to solve the problem.

Trying to deal with the problem in the way you have suggested can only make things a whole lot worse. Imagine how it would feel if the situation was reversed. Solve the problem, rather than create a lot of new ones.