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If i don't what your ds lite and i want a dsi what would you do?

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depending where u live, u can trade-in ur ds lite and buy a dsi for a lower price than usual. then i think they give ur ds lite to needy kids

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DS lite because the DSi cant play GBA games. so you people out there that want a DSi and have Guitar Hero on Tour, DONT GET IT!

There is no "DSi lite" console but if you mean the DSi XL, it is fully compatible with DSi games(although you'll have to buy them twice if you want a copy on a DSi and a DSi XL)

The DS lite and DSi are completely different pieces of hardware. You would have to buy a DSi, you can not turn a DS lite into a DSi

Not really, the DSi will be worth more, unless the DSi is in bad condition, and the DS Lite is new. The DSi would have to be refurbished or very used and the DS Lite would have to be new. The game would also have to be a newer game, which would make up the price difference. Now, a DS Lite and 2 new games would match a used and or new DSi.

i dont know about the dsi but i had the ds lite and it was so bad that i never played it

yes i think you can.The most likely place that would do that would be gamestop. i think if you trade in your ds lite for a dsi XL you get the dsi XL for $130.

No. The DS lite, DSi, and DSi XL all require different chargers.

The dsi is better because it has better sound quality. I would recommend the dsi.

Yes, you can play DS lite games on the DSi as well as the DSi XL

the Nintendo ds lite can play GBA games as well...but a DSI cant..well i would say dsi is better(browsing , drawing flipnote , dsi shop...)

No. Action Replay DS Lite only works on DS Lite. You will have to buy an Action Replay DSi for your DSi.

No, the DSi uses a different charge to the DS lite.

Yes you can trade a DSi for a DS Lite at Gamestop.

There is no such thing as "DSi Lite" but let me tell you this: at the moment of writing, ALL DS games fit in ALL DS's (DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL)

Many people say the screen is a tiny bit bigger on the DSi. The DSi is bulkier than the lite, the lite was designed to be small.

At Gamestop if you trade your DSi for a DSi XL you get $80 off the DSi purchase($189.99). If you trade your DS Lite for a DSi XL

Well I know if u trade in a gba and a ds lite u dont pay much

Well, id think so. I dont have the DSI but ive heard it has the same Features as a DS or a DS lite.

yes, but if you get a ds action replay, ds action replays dont work on a dsi or dsixl

Yes, its compatible with DSi, DSi XL, DS Lite, and original DS

yes defiantly check with a dsi and a ds lite

Yes, the Nintendo DS lite can play DSi games

DSi console is different from DS lite in size. so some DSi accessory not fit ds lite. such as the DSi case, DSi battery, DSi screen film, touch pen, and so on. but some other DSi accessory can be used in DS lite console. such as r4 card, charger, usb cable, earphone, and so on.

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