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Q: If im 16 and penis is 5.5 inches will you grow any more?
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How do you make penis grow more without taking any pills?

You get a penis enlarging surgery.

If my penis is 7 in and I'm 15 will it keep on growing?

If your penis is already 7 inches long at 15 it probaly started growing early on in puberty and may have already finished growing. Howver if it began growing late in puberty it might still have some more growing to do. The average length of an erect adult penis is 6 to 7 inches so even if yours doesn't grow any more it is already a decent length and if it does grow longer penis of 8, 9 and even 10 inches length are not uncommon.

Does a circumcision enlarge the penis?

No It does not have any effect on the growth of the penis at all. as it does not restrict the space it has to grow in. the foreskin grows itself in any case and is made from a form of tissue that is able to stretch a great deal more then the size any penis would grow too. I believe it would, seeing as it would give it more room to grow.

You are 13 your penis is 5.5 erect Will it grow any more?

i lil bit maybe

If you took a testosterone booster presteroids would your penis be more likely to grow from penis exercises?

No. Nor are there any exercises which will increase size

You are 15 and your penis is 6 inches will it get any bigger?


If your penis is above average in length and you are 13 but average for adults will it grow any more to above average adults penis?

It stops growing when your around 20

How many inches is a penis?

It can be any size but average is 5-6 inches for an adult.

Im 13 and your penis is 2 inches will it grow?

It will definatly grow. if its 2 inches flaccid then its fine if it is 2 inches erect you have not started puberty or you are in your early stages of puberty. I'm 13 and my penis is 4 inches erect so that is double yours, but when i was in my very early stages of puberty mine was 2 inches too. im surfpebble im 13 and my penis is 4 inches erect also and im 4'9 tall so people are always sayin that if your short you have a smaller penis but that is not true im as tall as a 11 yr old and i have a standard size penis for being 13 yrs old if you have any personal questions msg me

How big can an African Grey grow up to?

Any size really. It can be grow to be about 12 inches tall or even more.

Does milk help your penis grow?

Milk helps your body grow. It won't help your penis grow but it won't do any harm.Most penises grow a bit when you go through puberty. The average is less than six inches erect, so don't worry too much.milk makes everything in your body grow, it makes your eyesight better and lots of things strong.

Im 14 and you had masterdbated and my penins is 3 inches will it grow?

sorry but no. once you masturbate it relases hormons that tell ur body to stop growing more penis because you got laid and that means its ok length for girls but that's not true you just whacked off and that means you won't grow any more.

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