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No. Most pregnancy tests are much more reliable once the period has been missed.

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Q: If it is not time for a girl's period but she takes the pregnancy test anyway and gets a negative result is it accurate and reliable?
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Can taking daily laxatives make a pregnancy test result negative?

o it will not help in making the pregnancy test negative in anyway.

Do you need an appointment at doctors to find out if you are pregnant?

You can take a home pregnancy test but those are not always reliable and sooner or later you will have to see the doctor anyway and they will take a more reliable test with blood.

Can drinking wine cause a negative pregnancy test the next morning?

I have the same question. I had a glass of wine last night and then i took a preg test. It came up negative , is there anyway i might be pregant. As i am late

Is there anyway for a woman to tell she is pregnant before missing her period?

There are the over the counter test kits that state they can tell in 5 days, but I doubt they are very accurate. The missing of a period is a sure indication of pregnancy.

Why did my ept pregnancy test kit came with a horizontal blue line already in the circular window Is this normal i took the test anyway and it was negative wuss up wit that?

It is a wuss amil al

If you don't have pregnancy symptoms could you be pregnant anyway?

if you had sex then maybe but if not then no

Does shouting in the early stages of pregnancy harm the baby?

No. That early they can not hear anyway.

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If you had a blood test done not for pregnancy would it be detected anyway?

Yeah, i think so.

How accurate is it to do a blood pregnancy test 10 days before your period if period is a 35 days cycle?

not very accurate at all. even if you assume your ovulation date was day 14 of your cycle, you're still only at nine days past the earliest possible conception date and you'd be lucky to get a positive showing up by then anyway. in all liklihood your ovulation date is later than day 14 and you're extremely unlikely to have an accurate result readable by now. sit back and relax and give yourself another week otherwise you'll worry unecessisarily about a negative result.

You took a pregnancy test this morning the negative line was strong and another line come up but very very weak are you pregnant?

'Over-the-counter' pregnancy tests are never 100% certain. Take another one. If results are still uncertain, consult a doctor or sexual health clinic; probably best to do so anyway.

Can you be pregnant if you have backaches headaches stomach disorders food cravings and sore breasts?

Yes you could be pregnant. If you have all those things happening you should have taken a pregnancy test. If negative wait a few days and retest if menses is still absent.(Reminder, it is possible to have menses and be pregnant, however such sypmtoms would usually be associated with PMS.) If still negative you should see a doctor anyway in case of ectopic pregnancy or other underlying medical issues.

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