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it is very highly doubtful


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The scrotum. Not the testicles, just the sack that the family jewels hang in.

Men do not all share a brain, so what a man prefers depends on the individual.Some men may well prefer longer labia, a longer labia is a sign of sexual maturity and means more tissue in which to stimulate their partners. When it comes to labia preference this is a long way behind other preferences in sexual partners, any man who gets to see your labia should like you as a person and thus labia preference shouldn't mean much at the end of the day.

It is very normal for one side of the labia to be longer than the other! You have nothing to worry about.

Most likely more wrinkly just like a mans testicles and all genitals age that way.

glans penis - clitoris scrotum - labia testicles - ovaries Cowper's glands - skenes glands

Labia minora is the plural form of labia minus and labia majora is the plural form of labia majus.

There are two sets of labia - the labia majora and the labia minora. The labia majora protect the genitalia that lie within them. The labia minora secrete chemicals that lubricate the genitalia and that kill bacteria to prevent infection.

No two vagina's are alike. However inner labia (labia minora) can be effected by various strenuous activities. Color, texture and size while never a constant can be changed by various activities. For example, smaller inner labia can be lengthened by stretching or pulling repeatedly over a long period of time. Pale/pink inner labia can be tanned or darkened by excessive stress from pulling, stretching or repeated sexual activity.

answerthe labia majora My answer------CORRECTION: outer lips are labia majora, inner lips are labia minora. They didn't answer question of what the "mass" was.

No. I believe that you are describing the Labia Majora. The Labia Minora are the inner labia or, lips. Majora, the outer, protective, larger or, major labia, or lips.

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Everyone has different labia majora and labia minora, it's not really possible for them to be too small. As long as they are healthy that is the only concern to have about your labia.

It's when a woman is "turned on" that it becomes enlarged. More blood flow to the area causes the swelling. Arousal can enlarge a woman's inner AND outer (more common) labia. There is more. However, the questioner didn't ask why labia are enlarged during sex. Labia will get larger as a girl goes through puberty. A girl will appear to have no labia, or exceptionally small labia until puberty. Depending on genetics and nationality, women's inner labia have been measured at 1 inch, outer labia have been measured to be as long as three inches, unaroused. Also, it is accepted practice in many cultures for women to stretch their labia by attaching weights. This practice is becoming more common in western society. Devices are sold on the web for stretching labia. Oral sex can elongate labia, too, if the person sucks and stretches the labia regularly. In the U.S. a small number of women have their labia surgically reduced in size, but recent evidence suggests that more women and their partners prefer longer labia because of the sexual stimulation provided to the male and female. Some believe this is all part of an increased focus on females being more interested in sexual gratification during sex , i.e.; over 50% of women 40% of men from 18 to 45 report shaving all or most of their pubic hair to enhance sexual arousal, improved cleanliness and because of how bare genitals can enhance fore play and arousal..

The Latin definition of Labia is lip.

The 'lips' of female genitalia are part of the vulva and known as labia. The labia do not get stretched out, going through puberty they get longer but the only thing that would stretch them would be if a person was intentionally stretching them over time with weights.

The labia are like any other part of the body and have no standard size or definition of size. Like the nose, mouth, ears and eyes they can be all varieties of sizes and colors. While some women have very small labia minora that are not visible between the labia majora, others have labia so large they not only protrude but hang down from between the labia majora. It is worth mentioning that in many cultures larger labia are considered attractive, the larger the labia the more appealing the woman is considered.

No they can not. Unless they are hermaphrodites, but your average man should not have labia.

The only time women would be missing one of their labia is if they have had it surgically removed. All cis-women have two inner labia and two outer labia.

Females have labia to protect the vagina. The inner and outer labia act to protect the head of the clitoris, urethral opening, and the vaginal opening. Also the labia respond to stimulation during sex.

A labia is the inner and outer folds of the vulva, at either side of the vagina.

The labia surrounds and protects the clitoris, the urethra and the openings of the vagina.

They would get it in their urethra, vagina, labia minora, and labia majora.

Orbicularis oris. Controls the puckering of your lips (labia).

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