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Sounds like it's "medically necessary" to me. You might also check the forums on the website called obesityhelp.

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Q: If loose skin after weight loss is causing sores and discomfort will insurance pay for surgery?
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Do most health insurance plans cover bariatric surgery?

Most insurance plans will only cover bariatric surgery if there is a medical need for it. This means if your excess weight is causing more serious health conditions.

How Does Someone Pay For Weight Loss Surgery?

Whether or not insurance will pay for weight loss surgery depends on the provider and the State you live in. Most commonly insurance companies will pay around 80% of the surgery costs.

What should you do to reduce your breast?

The breasts are mostly composed of fat so losing weight will generally help. You can also try different garments to decrease the discomfort. The only other method of true breast reduction is surgery. If the large breasts are causing symptoms, such as upper back pain, this often will be covered by insurance.

What are upmc insurance requirements for lap band surgery?

what are the weight requirments to qualify for the lap band surgery?

Are discounts provided with weight loss surgery?

No, the price is the same no matter what, but depending on your what insurance you have, they should help cover the cost of surgery.

Where can I found out about cost of weight loss surgery?

The average cost of Gastric Bypass surgery, also known as weight loss surgery, averages between $20,000 and $35,000 (according to Many insurance providers will cover this surgery if medically indicated.

Can surgery for weight loss be covered by insurance?

Yes, although it varies from state to state. Many public and private insurance companies also offer coverage to include gastric bypass surgery.

How to Pay for Weight Loss Surgery?

For many who desperately need it, the cost of weight loss surgery is a road block to having the operation. Fortunately, there are many options to pay for this surgery. Many insurance companies will cover most, if not all, of the costs for the procedure, but they may have requirements that must be met before they will authorize surgery. If the procedure is not covered by your insurance, you can also pay for weight loss surgery with a credit card or small loan taken out through your local bank.

What are my options for losing weight and what are their costs?

There are several options for weight loss surgery. From the Lap Band to the Gastric Sleeve. Again cost depends on you and what type of insurance coverage you have and what your insurance company will pay for. To get a general idea of what the cost is for this surgery the best place I have found is

How to Get Your Insurance Company to Pay for Bariatric Surgery?

Weight loss surgery can be extremely expensive, costing in the tens of thousands of dollars. Many insurance companies will pay for the surgery, but proving you need it can be a long and overwhelming process. Most insurance companies require documentation that you have tried other methods to lose weight unsuccessfully for at least six months prior to approving surgery. They will also require many reports and testing from your doctor, and frequently insist on a second opinion. Many weight loss surgery clinics have staff on hand to successfully help you navigate through the complicated hoops set up by insurance companies.

Types of Surgery for Weight Loss?

Weight loss surgery is typically performed on individuals who are obese or overweight. Gastric bypass surgery is the most common weight loss surgery followed by the Lap-Band procedure and gastric banding. Weight loss surgeries may be covered by certain insurance companies but sometimes they are not. Some people also consider liposuction to be a weight loss surgery because it is performed to remove excess fat from the body therefore resulting in some weight loss.

Would insurance pay for weight loss surgery?

The first answer is correct inasmuch as it states that insurers will sometimes cover this surgery when it directly results in a health problem. However, the insurer will require medical documentation from a treating physician that surgery is the sole alternative. Keep in mind that there are many other ways to lose weight that may be effective in reducing the medical problem(s) caused by excess weight; the insurer may be willing to pay for those less invasive means more readily than for surgery. Also keep in mind. Furthermore, in many cases weight-gain is not a medical issue-instead, it is a behavioral issue. For that reason, the benefit of weight loss surgery may not be permanent if new behaviors are not instituted.

Where can I find out more about insurance coverage for gastric bypass?

Your insurance company can discuss insurance coverage for gastric bypass surgery with you. If you have a diagnosis of a weight-related disorder such as diabetes, coverage is common.

What is the cost of weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery is expensive and may or may not be covered by insurance. Gastric bypass ranges from $18,000 to $22,000 while gastric banding costs between $17,000 and $30,000.

Is it a good idea to have cosmetic surgery after i lose some weight?

All surgeries involve risk, but many people are uncomfortable with skin changes, so cosmetic surgery after weight loss can make you look and feel better. If you have serious skin ulcers after weight loss, insurance might pay for the surgery.

Avoiding Gastric Bypass Surgery Insurance Issues?

Whether or not your insurance will cover your gastric bypass can be a big issue for most people who need the weight loss help. Many companies have procedures in place that can help you avoid gastric bypass surgery insurance issues by doing everything with your doctor in the right order. Start by working with your doctor to lose weight through a traditional weight loss plan, and only consider the surgery if the plan fails to help. Usually, insurance companies want to see gastric bypass surgery approached as a last resort due to the high cost and risk of complications.

What is the price of weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery is expensive, and is not covered by most health insurance plans. This means a size-able chunk out of your savings, or requiring you to get a loan. Costs vary by country/state. Consult a physician before considering any major surgery such as this.

Are there any insurance programs that cover weight loss surgery I live in San Franscio?

Many insurance plans will cover weight loss surgery if it is determined to be necessary. That is to say if you can convince them that without the surgery you may die or suffer serious consequences from obesity. However you'd have to check the actual wording of your policy. In effect you'd have to pay for a policy that covered obesity.

How to Find a Weight Loss Surgery Clinic?

If you have decided to learn more about weight loss surgery, you will need to locate a reputable and friendly weight loss clinic that can perform the procedure. Before you begin looking, contact your insurance company to find out if they have any surgeons or clinics they have worked with in the past. By sticking with a clinic that has a history will your insurance company, you have a better chance of having most or all of the costs of the surgery covered by your insurance policy. Then, research which of those companies has the best reviews, from friends, neighbors, or online forums.

Where can I learn more about new bariatric surgery?

Many people choose Bariatric Surgery when traditional methods have not given them the weight loss they seek. Bariatric Surgery limits your food intake causing you to loose weight. For extensive information on Bariatric surgery, including the most popular choices, take a look at:

Insurance Issues with Gastric Bypass Surgery?

One of the first question people ask when considering undergoing a gastric bypass operation is about insurance coverage and cost. If a person is looking into having a bypass surgery he or she is probably severely obese and so much so that the surgery is considered a life-saving procedure. In order to obtain insurance coverage for the surgery, patients should be able to prove that they have tried weight loss on their own and have failed in losing the necessary weight by other means. It is also important to get a letter from a physician and bariatric surgeon stating that the surgery is vitally important. Most insurances will cover the surgery if all requirements are met.

Cost of Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss, or bariatric, surgery can be very expensive. It can cost upwards to the tens of thousands of dollars. Insurance companies do not always cover the cost of weight loss surgery. Getting an insurance company to approve paying for the procedure can be very complicated, overwhelming, time consuming and frustrating. Proving that is is a last result by providing documentation of weight loss programs tried in the past is usually required. Second opinions and numerous doctors reports are usually needed. Even if the insurance company covers the procedure, the cost of copays and deductibles can add up very quickly.

Will my Medicare insurance cover surgical weight loss procedures?

Medicare insurance sometimes covers weight loss surgery. The rules vary state to state, and depend in part on your doctors recommendations and weight loss results to date. Consult with your caseworker for a response tailored to your situation.

Health Insurance Coverage for Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a procedure that can cost over $18,000. Insurance coverage of this procedure varies, but more and more insurance providers are covering a sizable portion of the cost, while some policies offer full coverage for the surgery. Medicare will cover bariatric surgery for individuals who meet certain criteria. Medicaid coverage varies from state to state. Private insurance, like Medicare, may cover the surgery only after specific criteria is met, such as having a weight-related illness like Type 2 diabetes.

Finding Insurance for Gastric Bypass?

There are a number of people trying to get gastric bypass surgery these days, and this has led to rising questions on the cost of this surgery and how to pay for it. Many people wonder if their insurance will allow for this surgery, and your insurance may indeed cover this type of procedure. Since it is no longer seen as an "experimental" weight loss procedure, insurance companies will pay for the surgery to help defray the cost of long term obesity related health issues. These issues can end up costing both you and the insurance company lots of money, so look for insurance for gastric bypass.