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Yes if both have the same blood group , the child at birth will have trouble.

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Q: If male and female both have same blood group then is their any problem giving birth to child?
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Male and female with sAME blood are safe for giving birth to the baby or not?

If you mean same blood type, it doesn't matter. There can be a problem with the RH factor if a woman is negative and the husband is positive. However, this can be solved easily at the hospital when you give birth and happens is an RH negative woman gives birth to an RH positive baby. You will be given a shot to protect the next baby from antibodies.

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If you are ab plus blood type and your partner is o plus blood type will there be a problem having a baby?

NO you do not have any problem when of you are Rh positive. The problem raises only when the female partner has the rh -ve blood group.

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