If my ex husband lost his drivers license from not paying childsupport and is supposed to pick up our children do I need to drive them over to his house?

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NO!!! Never chase a man to be a father.
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Does your ex-husband need a notarized letter to take your children out of the country if you have joint custody?

Answer . \nYes. Anyone under the age of 18 traveling alone or with one parent or a third party must present notarized written authorization from the absent parent(s) or legal guardian. Please be advised that such a letter is valid for only thirty days fromt he issuance and usually only valid for ( Full Answer )

Is your boyfriend cheating if he is having his ex-girlfriend come over to his house while you're at work to pick up a plant she left there 1 year ago?

Answer . Okay Boo, i am only 16 but i am not stupid if your man is having his ex come over to get a plant from one year ago then i would say something is up with that and you need to get it together and question him about it ask him why she can't come over while you are there or why she has to co ( Full Answer )

If your ex-husband lost his job and moved and you can't find him can you sell the house without his consent if both your names are on the deed but only your name is on the mortgage and only you pay?

Answer . \nThe person's whose name is on the mortgage and who pays said mortgage is irrelevant. The issue of ownership is decided by how the property deed is titled. The partitioning of marital property can be very complicated if the issue was not resolved in the dissolution terms of the divorce, ( Full Answer )

What can you do if your ex-husband never wants to pick up the children even when he has the right to every other weekend?

you just have to try and keep a smile on your face and if he doesnt pick them up try and do something fun with your kids so they forget for atleast the time being. that's really sad and im sorry to hear your ex is a moron and a bad father Answer The best thing you can do is help the kids understa ( Full Answer )

Do I need to pay Canada speeding ticket with California Driver License?

Answer . \nThat all depends , was it your license or someone elses? \nOnly if you ever plan on driving in Canada again should you pay.If you never plan to return to Canada don't bother paying, you will receive a summons, it will go to court and a warrent for your arrest will be issued.\nIf you ( Full Answer )

If your children have been adopted by your ex-partner's husband do you still have to pay child maintenance?

Does An Ex Husband Have To Pay Child Support If His Ex Wife's Husband Adopted The Children? . Canadian law states that if your ex's new husband has adopted the children and given them his name then you, the biological father are no longer responsible for child Maintenance. . In the UK if the ch ( Full Answer )

DO you need a drivers license to drive a golf cart?

No, usually not. You usually you do not need a driver's license to drive unless you drive on a state maintained road. This is a question you will need to ask your local law enforcement types as the rules change a bit from place to place. It also depends on where you want to drive it and if it is a ( Full Answer )

If I got pulled over with an out of state Drivers license in California will it go on my driving record?

If you were just visiting California and living elsewhere, you should not be getting cited. If, however, you are living and working in California (or any other state for that matter) then you are required by law to obtain a drivers license for that state within a certain time frame. Chances are th ( Full Answer )

Your ex husband hasn't seen your children in over two years and owes 33 000 he has up and disappeared your husband wants to adopte the girls who the love and call him dad Can my husband adopte them?

In no way should he be allowed, as he is not a responsible person, as he owes 33,000 , and also disappeared he should not be allow to block the adoption of any kids for the matter.. Though it is dependent on your state laws, some states do make provisions for this. In 1997, a custodial mother, who ( Full Answer )

Should you pay child if a woman has children by ex husband?

I'm not clear on what your asking. If your asking do you have to pay then it depends on a few things (assuming you two have kids of your own): . You have to pay child support for your biological kids unless they have been adopted by someone else. . You also have to pay child support for any of ( Full Answer )

Why do drivers needs to have a license to drive?

Because if people didn't have a license to drive a car they would crash and prevent alot of arguments and plus its apart of the law..... The drivers license is proof that you have the basic skills needed to safely navigate the highways and roads of the country you live in. In my opinion its an ( Full Answer )

If someone is over 3000 dollars behind on childsupport and wont pay does the other parent have to let the children go and see the parent not paying?

Yes, even dead beat fathers have the right to see their children. The back support is a legal issue between the two of you. The children still need to know they have parents that care. Putting aside your hatred and contempt for the sake of the children is a noble thing. I do understand the frustr ( Full Answer )

Why a children can't get a driver license?

Children are still growing and developing. The eyes, one of the most important senses for driving, aren't fully developed in terms of peripheral vision. On average, a child can't reach the pedals or have the reflexes to react. And also, would you want a child with a temper tantrum behind the wheel?

Do you need a drivers license to drive a golf cart on a sidewalk?

no. only on roads Added: Check your local statutes carefully. Many jurisdictisons ban such conveyances on the public sidewalks as well. because the golf cart is't meant for roads Additional: There are several communities in various states within the US where the use of so-called golf carts ( Full Answer )

What kind of driver license do you need to drive bread truck?

That depends entirely on the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of thevehicle, assuming you're asking this question in regards to US law. If the truck has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 26,000 lbs. orless, the standard drivers license issued by your state willsuffice, although you will most likely have t ( Full Answer )

What to do when your ex husband lies to your children about you?

Take deep breaths, concentrate, and don't let the anger get the best of you. Call up your ex and try to see if he can meet you somewhere (that's if hes stable meaning if he's crazy do it over the phone) explain in a calm way how that makes you feel, and try to understand why he would do something li ( Full Answer )