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To spell Angele with this pronunciation, one would replace the first e with an e-grave, spelling it Angèle.

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In French, "Anjele" pronounced as on-gel-lee would be spelled as "Angèle" to include the accents correctly.

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Q: If my name is anjele pronounced on-gel-lee how would you spell it with accents in french?
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Why so the french have accents over their letters?

The accents in French language help indicate pronunciation (e.g., é is pronounced "ay"). They also serve to distinguish between homonyms and can change the meaning of a word (e.g., ou vs où).

What are the french accents called?

The French accents are called "accent aigu" (é), "accent grave" (à, è, ù), "accent circonflexe" (â, ê, î, ô, û), and "tremé" (ë, ï, ü). These accents are used to indicate pronunciation, differentiate meaning between words, and sometimes to indicate the history of a word.

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for proper pronunciation

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